24 Replies to “How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling”

  1. gonna try this method next time i travel with a suit. i usually roll mine and i always get wrinkles. the zip lock bag with air inside makes a lot of sense.

  2. Quite a skill! Its funny that all other suit folding videos I watched had you turning your suit inside out and rolling. Makes me cringe just thinking about that. This seems much more do-able and I like the idea of the bag of air resisting wrinkles!!! Once again YouTube to the rescue!!

  3. Great video. You can get just about any size zip lock bag at Walmart. For shirts, in the bag aisle they have 2.5 Hefty zip locks. For the suit, I went to the travel portion of Walmart and got those bags you vacuum out to compress stuff for storage. I got the "Magic Bag" Medium flats. And as mentioned below, you can get bags at Lowes or use a garbage bag tied off.

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