45 Replies to “How to Fold a T-shirt Small to Save Space – Lifehack”

  1. wow cool…but umm im to dumb to even do this on my own!!! i get lost on the "pocket part"…like around the
    time 1:23–1:34…lol smart people out there…plzz help meh

  2. Excellent 👌, but when I omitted the third step (i e " fold the T shirt …) I got better results. THANKS A TON

  3. I was looking for some T shirts in google, got bored and opened YouTube and found this recommendation……thanks Youtube

  4. This man is so freaking creative…now I could store more of my hubby's t shirt in ma cupboard…

  5. Tried this a billion times, doesn't work for me. I saw a BILLON of the tuck in parts and others. When I rolled it up, it just got worse. Can you please explain it may more easier and understandable?

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