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  1. I have a. cheaper solution that works for me. I buy at Walmart a poster board, I think that is what they are called. They are thick and sturdy. I cut them to size. I get a few out of that.

  2. The videos I find are for quilter's stash. I am not a quilter. Much of my fabrics are 2 yards or more. Not sure this would work for my situation.

  3. "Well Done!" from the Great State of Texas. We all have been given a stick with the straight pin, so this works very well for those of us who use our fair share of fabric. I am in the middle of a muddle right now, making my studio more efficient, so this is timely indeed! TFS.

  4. OMG!! I have 3 dressers, about 5 boxes, 2 baskets and a few bins of fabric stashed around my house. From the smallest pieces for crumb quilts to yardage… I definitely need a better storage system than I am currently using – the stuff and cram method. Where on earth do I start?   Anybody want to spend a week helping me fondle/fold/file fabric :-)Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I came across your video and then ordered the magazine boards. They arrived today and I organized over 40 yards of fabric. It is amazing how little space the fabric takes up, when it is on these boards.

  6. I like the fold over way your friends showed you! A winner for sure thanks for this nice informative video

  7. I use the sheet music board (9 x 12) so I have a bit sticking up and I use sticky labels and list how much fabric I have on the board, at a glance. I also place the selvage out, so if I want to quickly take a look for buying more, I don't have to unroll the fabric.

  8. Did you say you were in Grand Cayman? That is my favorite place on the earth. My husband and I are divers and love the island so much. I really miss being there

  9. I measured all my quilt backs and put a tab of masking tape little tab with size w x l and rubber band them in rolls in a tub. Saves me lots of time.

    I did use that diagonal cut trick when it was 3 inches too narrow and about a foot too long. Just adjust the 2 triangles and sew diagonals back together. Magic.

  10. love the idea, but I have lots of fabric and some, most are 2 yds. have to redo sewing room, going to use this idea but have to modify I think for larger amt. of fabric. I have taken all my stabilizers and interfacing and have put them on the cardboard bolts that the material comes on. got mine from JoAnn fabric. usually they throw them out. thank for tips they where great.. happy sewing

  11. Same as me, can't leave pins in, humid hot climate. So I use elastic too and just sew it flat and no marks, as long as it's the white stuff as I used thick rubber bands and I had to throw most of it away. But love the folding job xx

  12. I have a big tub of scraps, but don’t know how to separate and store. Any good ideas?? I’m desperate!😩

  13. Thank you for sharing your great ideas in this video! Love the bright colored paisley fabric! Where did you purchase it?

  14. Lovely ideas! I (of course) have a ton of fabric that needs to be better organized, and this will help immensely.

  15. I've started using board to store my fabric on, there is so much more space now!! Thank you for the video!
    I should get more fabric!!

  16. For small amounts of fabric, I just put them in file folders (the hanging kind) then use banker's boxes (they are the perfect size for hanging folders) for storage. Not as visible as your solution, but it works for me. Still looking for a better solution for large yardage pieces. Many of the ideas from other commenters will be included in my storage system as they are brilliant.

  17. Good idea! In Italy I do not think I've ever seen anything like that. I would like to know what kind of material the rectangles are. if I used double carton?Thank you

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