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  1. It is a nice tool! You can easily and very cheap make it out of cardboard. That way you can adjust the size to your draw or cupboard. I like these videos, it inspires me to keep the house more organised. Thank you!

  2. Idk why people are complaining about the price of this thing when there’s some for $5 on Walmart

  3. Don’t they get wrinkled? Mine go from washer to hanger to hot press to closet. They dry wrinkle free in the hot (press) utility closet. No ironing, no folding and no wrinkles.

  4. I dont need a 5 minute video on your lifestory. Just tell me how to FOLD THE F*****ing tshirt you scrub……!!!!!!!!!

  5. I just did this without the fancy thing and it was quicker,cheaper and did the same thing so I recommend not investing in the fancy blue thing x

  6. Wow! Your T-Shirt fold reminds me of how my former husband (deceased), father of my kids, and I both learned to fold shirts. We learned when we were shipped off to military school for the last two years of high school. It was the best thing that happened to both of us. We both graduated and he went to college on a a full athletic scholarship and I went on an academic scholarship and after we both graduated from law school. So, all in all, military school was a good decision our parents made for us –lol, we sure didn't choose it. But your fold apparatus provides almost the exact final product that we learned in school. We attempted to teach it to our kids, but we always seemed to be leaving a step or two out and couldn't remember which one. He died not long ago at the very young of 50 (cancer) and my daughter's folded shirts resemble yours, but they don't stand up in the drawer. I'm super excited about purchasing the item you said you've linked to. I've also signed up for more of your videos and may sign up for your organizational course. I am by far the most unorganized person in the world. When I practiced law, I had an incredibly organized legal assistant who prepared all of my trial books and kept my office in tip top shape, I often wish I had someone just like her at home. My home office, closet, bathrooms, family room and command central station are nightmares. I enjoyed your video and loved the nostalgic trip back to the past.


    Melissa @
    <a href="http://melissasugarwrites.com/">Sugar Crime Scene</a>

  7. Girl, u guys are AWESOME!! I wish I had a one of those T-shirts that y'all made…awesome t-shirt folding method!!!

  8. This do not help me at all can you maybe do a version without the blue thing because not everyone has that

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