How to “Fussycut” Fabric for a Quilt

How to “Fussycut” Fabric for a Quilt

FUSSY CUT Hi. It’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt As quilters, we sometimes use terms that we
think everybody knows, but not everybody always knows them, and one of those terms is “fussy
cut.” And when we fussy cut, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to cut out one special
area of a quilt. This is a cute, little quilt I made using
a Hoo’s In the Forest, and I did a scrappy four patch, and then I fussy cut each one
of these squares so that it would have the little tree. The fabric came like this, and
what I did was I figured out what part I needed, and then
I cut just that part out, and so it made this cute, little quilt with the tree. We did a
little two-inch sashing in between the blocks, a little vine edge border, not exactly scalloped,
but a vine edge. It just made a really cute quilt.
Another quilt we did recently where we used fussy cutting was this one with the pirate
fabric. Hopefully, you saw the blog on this. It was on our site. Let me see if I can get
it going here in the right direction. And we fussy cut this fabric. We had this great
map fabric in the center. We used a charm pack on the sides,
and we used yardage to create this border. But in the corners, up here, I fussy cut these
little images from the fabric so that they would fill out the borders. It just makes
it a fun detail. So let me show you actually how we do that
fussy cutting. All right. So what you’re going to do — I generally — well, I sometimes
use scraps of fabric, and this is a scrap. And when you use that middle piece, you
cut off pieces from the side, and what you want to do is you want to determine the size
that you’re cutting, of course, first. And let me move this little board over here so
I can turn it as we go. And so the size that I was looking for at that time was five inches,
which is equal to a charm pack, and so I’m going to use a ruler that’s kind of clear
so that I can see what’s underneath — and see how this ruler has these good five-inch
— the lines so you can really see where you’re cutting — and if I — I just
— you want to just try and center that up, and then what you want to do is you want to
go ahead and you’re going to cut off two of those sides. Let me grab my rotary cutter.
And so I’m going to cut off this side here, and then I’m going to turn this, and I’m going
to cut off this side here. And if you’re in the middle of your fabric, you know, you just
are going to have a piece like that. And then what I’m going to do with this ruler
is that I’m going to turn it around like this
so this now lines up on the edge. No. I’m sorry. I’m doing it the other
way. There we go. So this outside edge where we want to stop lines up on the edge. See how this is
now on the edge of my fabric. And then I’m going to cut this, and I’m going to turn this
and cut this edge, and what it gives you then — what it gives you is a little block that,
hopefully, has the image that you want right in the center, and it will work for just about
anything, so this is what we call fussy cutting. And you can see him a little better that way,
and so we’ve made the cut out of a piece of fabric from the center.
So we hope you have a better understanding of the term “fussy cut.”
We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

24 Replies to “How to “Fussycut” Fabric for a Quilt”

  1. Thanks for the explanation. I definitely need to get this kind of ruler. So far I have been using a square cut from transparent tablecloth as a template, but this ruler is so much more versatile.
    But I think you used the 4-line for the first two cuts and the 5-line for the last two cuts, so the skull is not centered 😉
    But the explanation is great anyway.

  2. Thanks Jenny! I have to fussy cut LOADS of squares for an "I Spy" quilt for my grandson – so I absolutely needed this. Thanks again!

  3. Hello Jenny! I want ask you about this fabric, It's lovely! I can't see in your list of fabrics, and I have a little pirate eight years old at home that love it too. Thanks for another wonderfull tutorial.

  4. Just do a search for Pirate on our missouriquiltco site, it should pop right up!! Shoot an email if you can't find it!

  5. That's why I love you tutorials. You ask and answer the questions we as beginners have. I was Just asking this and WAHLA… Here's the answer. I've seen this done and Now I have a name for it that "I" can share when telling someone else what Im doing or other options available for designs. Thanks! 😀

  6. hi im very new to quilting but i've made a baby quilt and bumper for my son his girl is due in October . im very proud of myself i watched most of your tutorials before i started they are simple and easy to understand and jenny makes me laugh.x

  7. Can you fussy cut with a ruler rather than templates.  I need to fussy cut two  9 1/2 squares and don't have templates.  Can I make them or do I need to buy them?

  8. Thank you for that tutorial.
    I'm just starting to learn different names in quilting. Is there a certain name for when you place a shape on top of a peace of fabric? such as a flower shape on a plain peace of fabric with stuffing in the center to raise it.
     Thank you very much for helping me.

  9. Thank you for your amazing tutorials!!!  I have been relishing in them lol.
    I love the pirate quilt you made, is there a tutorial for that one?  I was excited to try that one for my son.  But with chameleon design 🙂  The border and chevron edging would be awesome for my daughters hedgehog design too.

  10. ooops… nevermind… found the tutorial….   on your blog as you stated lol.  (at work I have to watch with the sound off… )
    Thank you!!

  11. I would love to see Jenny revisit these older tutorials and show us how to do them in fresh fabric ideas and in her "evolved" teaching manner!

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