How to gather and ruffle fabric, the proper way

How to gather and ruffle fabric, the proper way

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  1. I have a question. I'm making a skirt for a cosplay that has a gathered ruffle at the bottom. To do that would I just take a separate strip or fabric and gather like that then sew it to the skirt? I really would like help and advice on it since I am a young cosplayer who makes them on her own.

  2. Ghostbusters reference? Pure gold. I'm so sold on you. Time to subscribe. I'm so new to sewing machine that I haven't even made my first project yet. Its been out of its box only twice. I love it but I'm also afraid of it. Watching you has calmed my nerves enough that I think it's time to give it a go.

  3. I wish you would make a tutorial to make a terrycloth bathrobe. Seven more hotels and I'll have enough material.

  4. It easier than the other tutorials in other channels.i find ur tutorials very engaging as a beginner.thank you

  5. I love ALL of your videos! You make sewing so easy and understandable to the beginner. And you give just enough. information without overloading us newbies.

  6. I’m a beginner and I’m totally using and being successful as sewing with all of your tips❣️. Please make more beginners sewing. Like how to attach a sleeve🙏🏻❤️

  7. Thanks a lot iam sewing a double circle skirt with gathering it's tulle
    Your tips is going to help me a lot

  8. I added the skirt portion last night while stretching the onesie. It's ok but lays very messy-looking now. Can I topstitch it down on the right side to make it look more "neat"? If I use a straight stitch it will pop when stretched to go over Baby's head. If I use a zigzag stitch it won't look "dressy" anymore. What would you suggest? Thank you for your videos. They are very clear and informative. I'll be watching many more soon!! 🙂

  9. I put a bobbin in with a different color of thread which makes finding the three threads easier. Since they are on the underside they are not seen, or you can remove the gather thread later if desired.

  10. I love your video but I'm having trouble and have a question. Hopefully you can answer this. I'm trying to make using flannel but I cant get to gather. I've also used cotton but still doesn't work. I also have 2 string instead of 4. What do I do?
    I'm making a shirt fyi

  11. Love your videos, you make sewing easy and fun, I’m a starter and you make it fun, thank you for teaching me

  12. I really love your videos, it makes learning how to sew a lot easier. I just have one question: if I were to make an actual skirt, would I first apply this technique on both the front and back and then sew up the sides. Or sew up the sides first and then use this technique to create ruffles? I want to sew it to a top to create a dress.

    Thank you very much! (:

  13. Love love love your Tutorials they are so helpful super easy watching and learning from you

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