How to Get Android Wear 2.0 Right Now

How to Get Android Wear 2.0 Right Now

– Google just recently announced the biggest update they’ve ever had to their smartwatch operating system, aptly named Android Wear 2.0. Now in addition to announcing it and talking about all the new features and how it makes it more
of a standalone device and blah blah blah, they also released a couple
of developer versions of the firmware for specific watches. So I happen to be fortunate enough to have one of those watches and if you are one of the people that have one of the watches that are supported, that means that we can
flash the developer version and try out Android Wear
2.0 for ourselves right now. So, without further ado, I’m gonna show you how to do just that. (electronic music) So the first thing we do
is set up ADB on the watch. So if we pull down and
then go over to settings, scroll all the way down to about, find build number and keep tapping that ’til it tells you, “You are a developer”, then swipe right to get out
and click on developer options. In here, we’re gonna go to ADB debugging and make sure that that says enabled. Then we need to set up
ADB on our computer. Click the link below to be taken to my video on how to do
that; it’s really quick. But you’ll be walked through this tutorial and when you’re done,
you should be able to see the serial number of the device. Once you do that, and it’s
basically just installing a program, it takes
fifteen seconds just about, we’re going to then plug
in the watch’s USB cable into our computer that we’re using and set the watch down on it. With it plugged in, we’re
going to go to the C drive and then ADB, which is a
folder that should have appeared after doing my
tutorial on how to set up ADB, and we’re gonna hold down shift and right-click any blank area in here, and then open command window here, and we’re gonna type, “adb devices”. Now the first time you
type this and hit enter, it’ll show the serial number
and it’ll say unauthorized. When that happens, you’re
gonna go to the watch, you’ll see this allow debugging on here. We’re going to say always allow from this computer, and then you’re gonna type “adb devices” in again and hit enter, and this time it should
show you the serial number and the word device,
meaning that it can see it, and ADB is working. Okay, then we need to
download Android Wear 2.0, the developer preview. At the moment I’m writing this, there’s only two watches
that it works for, which is the LG Watch
Urbane second edition and the Huawei Watch,
which is what I have. You can also click here to
get to Google’s own site to see what other devices they may have added in the meantime. Otherwise, though, if you
have one of these two watches, you can click on one of my
mirrors here to download it, which is available beneath
this video at the link below, or again, you can head to Google’s site to download it from them. I’m gonna click on the
Huawei Watch though here, and download that, and
save that to my desktop. Once that’s downloaded,
we’re gonna right-click it and hit extract all. Just hit extract. Then, on the computer in
another explorer window, we’re going to go back to C and ADB, and in the same folder that
has ADB.exe in fast boot, we’re going to just
take all of these files and drag them into there. Then, we’re gonna hold shift again and right-click in a
blank area in this folder, and say open command window here. We’re gonna type, “adb devices”, and, again, we should
see our serial number. Then, we’re gonna type,
“adb reboot bootloader”, and hit enter. And the watch should
reboot and look like this. And on the computer, we’re gonna type, “fastboot oem unlock”, and hit enter. Now, if when you do
that, it just sits there and says waiting for device and the watch isn’t doing anything, it means that the fastboot
drivers didn’t work. So, we’re gonna open up device
manager by typing in here device manager, clicking on that. And you’ll see that there
is an Android device in here with an exclamation point. We’re gonna right-click that,
hit update driver software, browse my computer, let
me pick from a list, select Android device, hit next, hit next again, hit yes, we’re gonna hold shift
right-click back in here, open command window here again, “fastboot devices”, hit enter. Now we should see the serial
number and the word fastboot; that’s how we know that it is
connected and able to be seen. And now we can type,
“fastboot oem unlock”, again and hit enter. This time it will say
unlock the bootloader, and we are going to long-press, well, you can short-press to
select different options, but obviously we want yes, so we’re gonna long-press on that. And eventually it will reboot. Once it does, go through
the setup process again, and then, finally goes
through the setup process. We’re going to re-enable USB
debugging by going to settings, scrolling all the way down to about, tapping on build number until it tells you you are a developer, going
to developer options, turning on ADB debugging, and then connecting it
back to our USB cable. Then, on the computer,
we’re going to hold shift and right-click in here again,
hit open command window here, type in, “adb devices”, and hit enter. Again, it’ll ask if you
wanna allow debugging, we’re gonna scroll to
always allow, hit that, and then we can type, “adb
devices”, again and hit enter, and this time, it’ll say device, and we can type, “adb reboot
bootloader”, hit enter, wait for it to boot into
fastboot mode and then, in the folder with ADB and
all of our other files, we’re going to double-click flash-all.bat and wait for it to flash. Eventually the device will
reboot and in command prompt, it’ll say press any key to exit, which you can hit enter to do. After that, you’ll have the
new version of Android Wear. There you go guys! Enjoy messing around with Android Wear 2.0 and please let me know in the comments what you guys think of it. And also, if you wanna flash back, you can just follow this tutorial again, but flash the stock firmware instead of the developer preview. Now, if you like this
video, please thumbs up it, or share it; it is greatly appreciated. And if you want more videos like this, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. And, as always, thanks for watching. (electronic music)

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  1. My Hauwei watch is stuck on the black boot up Hauwei logo. right before i was about to flash i didn't know the watch was supposed to reboot. Mine didn't reboot by itself so i manually rebooted it and it has been stuck since. what should i do?

  2. Hello David, I was following your tutorial of the Huawei Watch Android Wear 2.0 install, but I seemed to have messed up and now my watch can not communicate with my computer and is stuck in the fastboot menu or the red Huawei logo screen. Now it's charging and is on a battery symbol with a lightening bolt. I use an iPhone and a Windows 10 laptop. How can I fix my watch to stock? I try to factory reset and reboot, but the watch freezes on the logo screen. Thank you

  3. so i was going to do this hoping that it would potentially fix my "ok google" fuction but does this in fact completely make that feature unavailable?

  4. okay so the problem i am having is my Huawei watch wont connect to my computer. it does but it cant install. it just has the ! over the Huawei watch in device manager and ive tried some things but i do not know what to do to get it to connect. after that im sure i can get this working.

  5. to bad Wear 2.0 doesn't work with iOS. I updated my Huawei watch and when I connected to the iPhone, It got stuck asking to continue the set up on the phone but there were no options to continue in Android Wear app for iPhone. After doing some reading on the forums I learned that the Google Play Services and Android Framework have to be updated which obviously can't be the case on iOs. Hopefully the official build will support iOS, until then I reverted to

  6. Thanks so much man, +1 like & sub. Worked like a charm, easy to follow even on mac.

    Quick question: Will the beta version continue to preform automatic update when new versions are released or do we have to flash all updates from now on.

    PS: Thanks so much once again.

  7. Hi im trying what your saying at 3.55 but the old thing that happened was a lot of info came up on the command bit and its not rebooting ?

  8. Tried it on mac but my sh file was a text file. When I double clicked on it, nothing happened nor did dragging it to terminal. Will have to try on a PC as this was all PC.

  9. Can I lock the bootloader after installing Android Wear 2.0. I have a warranty on my watch and don't want to lose it

  10. Kind of made the biggest mistake.
    I disabled the ambient screen function on AW 2.0 and unfortunately as a result the screen flickers but I cannot proceed anywhere. Is there a way to access the bootloader / recovery manually on the LTE urbane (W200A)?

  11. i got a "can't be checked for corruption" but continued anyway making sure this isn't malicious right? no viruses or stuff?

  12. My "ok google" isn't working anymore after doing this and the watch doesn't show all the apps I've installed like it did before :/ Can someone help me please? Would appreciate it! 🙂

  13. hello David i watched your video on how to install android wear 2.0 and i followed the steps you showed and when i did the last step my watch did reboot and got stuck on the reboot with the huawei logo. can you tell me what i can do to fix this. i also went to bootloader recovery and swiped down to wipe data/factory reset and when that was done it reboot s again and still was stuck on the reboot logo. Any other ideas you can help me on to fixing the wacth?

  14. My huawei watch rebooted just fine, and now I'm praying for two things: I can install Android Wear 2.0 without bricking, and that I can not break my watch (because your warranty gets voided after unlocking bootloader)

  15. NOTES: Do not do this if you are under 13. This will VOID YOUR WARRANTY so if you break your watch or brick your watch, you have no chance of repairing it and will have to buy a new one. ALSO, remember, when downloading from Google's site, to use the TESTING image not the NON-TESTING IMAGE


  17. Hey bro
    i went to device manager and found the android mark but some how when i click on "let me pick from list " i don't find any android device there.. i did step by step you can help me?

  18. I need help. I have previously updated my watch to 2.0 but I now want to put the new version of it on the watch. Only issue is not every time I enable adb on the watch the charge screen pops up and I don't get the second screen where it gives the option to allow it to be with this computer and stuff

  19. holy fuck Batman! but my PC did detect the watch, so that's a good thing. still waiting for it to DL also, the software on the G site is junk. yours was much better. thanks!

  20. Hi,
    I have a huawei watch and I bought it from china. So its all in chinese. I don't even have google play
    Can you tell me if this will work on my watch?

  21. A couple of notes for Mac Sierra users:
    1. Get the latest version of the ADB and Fastboot standalone tools here:
    2. Make sure you've got Xcode properly installed and up to date
    3. Run the commands that come up in Xcode via Terminal with the ./ in front of them
    Thanks for the tute TheUnlockr! I was sick to death of waiting for the transmitted update.

  22. Hi, very good video i have a question, i recently received an LG G WATCH who is currently on Android Wear 1.0.5, my question is if it is possible to upgrade to 2.0 and what will happened if i do so ?

  23. hey guys, after I got AW 2.0 my watch's battery started draining fast I dunno why, It used to last for 48 hours on sleeping mode, but now even on sleeping mode and wifi is disabled it stays for 6 hours maximum. I am wondering if I am the only one with this problem.

  24. my watch got struck and only huawie symbol is showing and also adb devices is also not showing when i typed in cammand prompt plzz help i just bought this watch 10 hrs before

  25. I have the LG Urbane 2nd Edition and everything in the video work for me until I needed to flash the update on the part where it says flash all.bat. it's not on the list. Where did I go wrong?

  26. i make the update and i have problem all the time i turn the watch he say somthing with lock and he start

  27. Please do a video or guide me on how to UNinstall 2.0. My watch is new (ordered Aug 18) and was working fine until the 2.0 update (I'm assuming). I cannot get my google account on my watch.

    When I go to accounts – add google account, I'm asked to add a google account to my watch and in order to do that, I have to copy an account from my phone. Thus lies the problem. When I tap add (account) from phone, the colorful circle turns and turns and never finds my google account. The error from android wear on my phone is "account not available at this time." I've restarted both phone and watch, reset the watch more times than I'd like to remember, disconnected the watch, unpaired the Bluetooth, uninstalled android wear, cleared cache and data, taken down all security, and even tried turning off WiFi. This issue has not been resolved for 2.5 weeks. PLEASE HELP.

    Asus wants me to send in the watch so they can reload the original firmware. I really don't want to be without my watch for another 2 weeks as it's already been essentially useless right after I bought it.

  28. Would this work to load android waer on enny SW like for example allcall w1? The hardware is good but the 5.1 lollipoo sucks as an os for SW and a launcher on top is like putting a trailer on a car🙈😂

  29. Is it working with Fossil 3Gen Q Control? I have bought it a few weeks ago. It use Wear OS 1.4 and it doesn't find any OS update.

  30. Ich würde gerne meine LEMFO 7 4G mit Android Ware OS bespielen. Geht das? Wenn ja, könnten Sie mir bitte die Links für Betriebsystem und Anleitung senden!?

  31. Hey unlockr is it possible to download wear os on an android (non wear os) watch without messing it up?
    Because i dont wanna try to mess my watch up.

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