How to Get Gum Out of Carpet, Clothing & Other Fabric

How to Get Gum Out of Carpet, Clothing & Other Fabric

How to Get Gum out of Carpet, Clothing, and
Other Fabric. Frustrated that gum got stuck in your carpet
or clothing? Put Bazooka Joe in his place using these tips. You will need Ice cubes or an ice pack Dull
knife or a spoon Liquid dish soap or carpet cleaning solution Gasoline Iron Piece of cardboard
Peanut butter Hairspray Liquid laundry soap Toothbrush Plastic bag (optional) Alcohol
(optional) and liquid stain remover (optional). Step 1. Remove gum from clothes, carpeting, and fabric
by rubbing an ice cube or an ice pack on the gum to freeze it. Then use a dull knife or spoon to remove as
much as possible. You can also put clothing in a plastic bag
and put the bag in your freezer to freeze the gum. Step 2. Rub a few drops of liquid dish soap or carpet
cleaning solution into the fabric before washing to remove any leftover stains. Wash as directed on the care label or, if
the gum is on carpet, rinse with clean water and blot dry. Step 3. Dab gasoline on the gum. The gas will dissolve the gum, but use as
little as possible — gasoline is flammable and hazardous. Alcohol, such as vodka or gin, also works
to loosen gum. Step 4. Use an iron. Place a garment with gum on it on a piece
of cardboard, with the gum against the cardboard. Set your iron to a medium setting and pass
it over the gum until the gum melts and transfers from the fabric to the cardboard. Step 5. Spread peanut butter on the gum and work it
around to cover as much of the gum as possible. The gum will become soft and lose its stickiness,
and then you can scrape it away with a dull knife. Peanut butter is very oily and may leave a
stain. A liquid stain remover may be necessary to
get the oil out. Step 6. Spray a small amount of hairspray onto the
gum. The gum will harden and you will be able to
scrape it away. Step 7. Pour liquid laundry soap on the gum. Then work the soap into the gum with a toothbrush
to break it up. Scrape away the gum and launder the garment
to get the soap out. And be thankful the gum didn’t end up in your
hair. Did you know The first commercial chewing
gum — State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum — was introduced in 1848 by John B. Curtis.

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  1. Did you know?
    Spreading peanut butter stains your shirt. Therefore you wasted your time because you have to throw away that stained shirt.

  2. this is the worst how to video ever. oh sure i have all that shit readily available in my closet, including some gasoline. plus, lets ruin the carpet all in the name to get a spot of gum out. never mind i'm just gonna cut the gum out of the carpet.

  3. To pretty much everyone who's commented: You don't have to do ALL of the methods here. This isn't one big method with about 100 steps lol. It's lots of different ways to do it. Pick one.

  4. that's a lot of shit to use to get it out. all extremely random items….gasoline, peanut butter, fertilizer, glass shards, a huge knife, THEN STAB THE FABRIC UNTIL THAT GUM IS TOO SCARED TO STAY IN IT!

    and you're done! have a good day

  5. The ice really worked! Now I just have a giant stain on my bed that looks like I peed my self…Bitter-sweet moment right here

  6. my stupid ass hubby put gum in my new pillow case I guess to lazy to put in thrash can near his side of the bed UGH!! just venting….well all those ingredients tried and what worked the best…… DAH!!! THE FREAKEN GARBAGE CAN

  7. i've got a great idea! instead of going through 7 laborious steps to remove gum. When you're finished eating the gum wrap it up in a tissue or the wrapper and chuck it away. NOTE: don't put the wrapped up gum in your pocket afterwards because a lot of the time it is put under pressure and finds a way out. 
    hope this helped

  8. Ugh I got gum on my new sweatpants, I had the gum on a piece of paper ( not wrapped up) I layer on it and….. Aaagh these are my favorite sweatpants 😖

  9. No need to follow these many steps, just use Kerosene (lamp oil) on gum and dip your hand into Kerosene, then just use your hand to remove… really effective.

  10. Hey get thanks for the tips just the knife and the ice got almost all it out and a quick trip to the washer got the rest off

  11. I just use rubbing alcohol and spray it on the gum tell the gum loses its stickiness then remove the gum with tape I removed my chewing gum off clothes the Rachel Ray way

  12. Jesus! That was the longest list of my life! I just watched another video that used JUST rubbing alcohol and bam! Gone! 😂

  13. Well there goes my blanket. Im allergic to peanut butter and underage and my parents dont have time for this

  14. Okayyy but I got gum on my bed and I’m not putting my whole cover in the freezer no putting gasoline on it

  15. Cigarette lighter fluid, which can be found in larger quantities
    (as naphtha) in the paint section of your favorite home improvement store. MUCH less volatile than gasoline; dries fast, no residue.

  16. They are NOT steps. They are different ways to remove the gum. FFS, you'll give people a heart attack if they think they have to do every step listed here.

  17. Alright these are not STEPS, these are several different ways to get gum out lol. Stop confusing people, you absolutely dont need to do all of those "steps"

  18. it's easy guys, just soak said fabric in gasoline, light on fire, then buy a new one.

    jk literally just soak it in rubbing alcohol and it rubs off pretty easily. i was sleeping on a gum stain for days cause i was procrastinating researching the best method. slightly salty at how easily it came off

  19. Step 9 invest 60k USD into getting phd in 5 years in chemistry to create your own detergent; optional: you may need money for books, a visa if your not a U.S. resident, and rent money.

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