How to Get Your Kids a Halloween Costume in 18 “Easy” Steps

How to Get Your Kids a Halloween Costume in 18 “Easy” Steps

like a invisible fairy that can really fly. Have your kid change her mind about she wants to be again and again and again and again. Have her commit to a costume in fake
blood. Briefly decide to make the costume, then
come to your senses. Take your kids to the Halloween store. Leave after 20 seconds because it’s way too scary. Worried that you’ve
traumatized your children for life. Opt to order online. Weed through the billions of sexy versions of the costumes. Sexy Bert and Ernie? Really
people? Find the perfect costume and pay way too
much for it because you’re just over it. Listen to your kids ask when the
costumes will be here fifteen thousand times Tell your kids that no, they can’t wear it before Halloween. You’re not going to fall for their cute puppy eyes this time. Cave into their cute puppy eyes but tell
them to be very careful to not rip the costume because it’s basically made out of paper. After she rips her costume. Stay up late mending the costume for her because lord knows you have nothing better to do! Proudly show the fixed costume to your child and pat yourself on the back. for saving the day. Have your kid tell you that actually she
doesn’t want to be a pirate she wants to be a zombie. Lose your mind and turn into demon mom. Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks for watching and
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61 Replies to “How to Get Your Kids a Halloween Costume in 18 “Easy” Steps”

  1. LOL That was very well done and a great ending. Your vlogs always bring a smile to my face.
    My one request is that your next vlog shows what Mom will be dress as on Halloween night when the kids are in bed being watched by babysitter . (Please do not tell me that you will be too worn out going from house to house with the kids.)

  2. Hi, my Halloween costumes are always homemade. This year I will be
    an American Girl doll in a box. We made that final. We already have a huge box.

  3. My two year old is adamant he wants to be a glass of water for Halloween. My four year old is oscillating between Ninja Turtle (again) or a Farm. Not a farmer… an actual farm.

  4. Demon mom scared me lol
    Love this video!!! I ordered through a well known company, TWO day shipping, I got the wrong size (companies fault) my 8 year old had a melt down when it came. After screaming like demon mom to company, they agreed to fix the problem lol
    AHHHHHHHH Holidays are coming.

  5. LOL We buy my sons costume right after Halloween for the next year. Save's me a lot of fussing right before Halloween we pull it out of storage.

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  7. 0:16 Have your kid change your mind about what she wants to be
    Well a princess and mermaid are similar and sharks are aquatic like mermaids and zombies eat people like sharks and the Hulk is a terrifying monster like a zombie but I don’t know how you go from Hulk to a pumpkin

  8. This is so on point! You nailed it all!πŸ˜„
    One of mine wanted costumes that were nowhere to be found: "Raggedy Ann doll at 9 years old(because she was a "Gingerchild" in the Nutcracker that year … Raggedy Ann was pretty much the same look), and
    a Sock Monkey at 10 years old.
    They either did not exist or just not for her size so I made them. Thankfully (or not?!) I can sew, and also she LOVED the Sock Monkey costume sooo much she wanted to wear it the following year too. She's 17 now and those became happy memories! The insanity at the time was worth it!πŸ™ƒ

  9. I sew, last year my dd asked to be Princess Jasmine. She begged me to let her get the over priced $60 costume from the Disney store. Not finding another Jasmine costume any where I decided to make her costume. I let her pick out everything and be apart of every step. She even picked out the fabric that would fray the most. Finally get it all finished just for her to put it on, looked in the mirror and loudly declare how much she hated it. While yelling about wanting the $60 costume from the Disney store, she tried to rip it off of herself and tore it in the process. So after much crying and carrying on, she decided that she really did love it.

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