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  1. They are using typical Italian accent like they are from Brooklyn or something. Yes, a lot of NY'ers moved to Jersey and I can probably force a NY accent buy way of my Brooklyn/Sheepshead Bay mother, but I am jersey all the way. If you want a typical NJ accent, what Joe Pesci in either The Super or With Honors, don't try to be like the Jersey Shore, most, if not all are from NY. Yes, Pesci has a typical North Jersey accent, but at least it's a real Jersey accent. And btw, when I went up north with my daughter and mother (I'm currently in Fl) my daughter visited friends she has in PA, while I was with mom in Central Jersey, after only a couple of days, my Jersey accent came back and when I picked up the kid, she looked at me funny. It was the accent. I didn't even notice until I got strange looks from her. My accent is more Like Peter Dinklage. He is from Morristown, a nearby town from mine. Contrary to belief from GoT, he isn't from England, Just a Jersey boy. Also,think Jay and Silent Bob, they lived near the actual Jersey Shore in neighboring town of Red BAnk/Highlands/Long Branch. Monmouth County. I from one county over in Middlesex County. Also The Boos and Jon Bonjovi, these are the guys with the true Central HJersey accents which is where the Jersey Shore is in. Listen to the above mentioned people if you want the Jersey accent

  2. Jersey is an island located in the south of England. It is a crown dependency and they have their own accent.

  3. Being from New Jersey, the main correct thing is that I have heard no one ever in my life say joizey Unironically

  4. As a born and raised Jersey girl, this is very stereotyping. Just cause you watch Jersey Shore doesn’t mean people in NJ all talk like that…

  5. Guys, chill. Everyone on this planet knows we don’t talk like this. It’s just fun to fake a fake accent, lol.

  6. This is like North Jersey…. No one talks like this where I live, maybe Wuter, but that's it (South Jersey at heart)

  7. I’m from South Jersey. LITERALLY NOBODY TALKS LIKE THIS. Even ppl in North don’t talk like this!! Wtf!?

  8. That’s a Brooklyn accent, lol. You wanna hear Jersey accent listen to Halsey (the singer) interview. She is from Jersey and speaks in a typical Jersey accent.

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