How To Iron a Dress Shirt : How to Iron Sleeves of a Dress Shirt

How To Iron a Dress Shirt : How to Iron Sleeves of a Dress Shirt

Hi, my name is Leslie Moselle, and I’m from
Tampa Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to iron a dress shirt. Chapter
eight, sleeves. When you’re ironing sleeves on a dress shirt the most important part to
remember is to keep the seams aligned. You want to make sure that you’re not getting
multiple, multiple pleats, or multiple creases on your sleeves. You can usually tell where
the old one is and you want to make sure that you stick with that same crease so that you’re
not having multiple creases on the sleeve. So the best way to do that is just the seam
that’s on the under part of the shirt, just use that as a guide, making sure that’s flat,
and then you’ll pretty much get the same crease every time. Lay that flat on your ironing
board, and just make sure that all, the shirt is as flat as possible. You spray the starch
from the inside of the arm to the wrist. Make sure to apply a lot of pressure. Make sure
you get all the way to the end of the seam, underneath the arm tends to get very wrinkled
under there. Don’t be afraid to get a good crease on the top part of the arm, this is
a dress shirt, creases are okay. Men like to have a nice creased shirt when they go
to work. And to get all the way to the cuff. The one thing I always like to do is just
to flip it to the other side, spray another layer of starch, and just repeat the process.
From one end to the other, trying to work around the buttons and all the pleats. You
have a nice, finished product, and all you have to do is just repeat the process on the
other side.

36 Replies to “How To Iron a Dress Shirt : How to Iron Sleeves of a Dress Shirt”

  1. my boyfriend better get the darn job, after I spent an hour ironing his shirt lol. The one and only time this is ever gonna happen baby ! lol

  2. This was very useful. Thank you. The other videos were too blurry or fast. I can see clearly that you iron from the seam all the way to the other side of the sleeve and down. I used to iron a lot as a kid and forgot thbis part. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. @kleenexvincent678 Yeah, OK…. Men can do this just as easily. I'm sure your muscles are strong enough to hold the fabric still. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. @TheMrplayitsafe Yeah, I heard that too. LOL I saw the comment, "Make me a sandwich, woman" and got irritated but that was before I watched the whole thing. LOL Men can iron their own shirts. Well, that's not to say I wouldn't iron one for them. But it should never be expected of me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. @RickRolll They seel starch every where. It's not expensive. But ewww! Why have yoru shirt all starchy and scratchy?? That is sooo 1950. LOL

  6. @daveman624 I should? OK then. ๐Ÿ˜› How do you know I have a man? Because I am watching an ironing video for a man's dress shirt? Maybe it's the first one I could find that showed you the proper way to iron a dress shirt with lots of pleats and had a good pictures as well. ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. how do you make you iron down the middle of your sleeves? I know you follow the line thats sewn in on your cuff but when you get to the shoulder, how do you know where the middle is? I ask because many times the shoulders creases haven't been symmetrical.

  8. Sad I have to learn this shit from youtube, asked my mother nicely multiple times, finally I said fuck it I'm not going to this new job orientation to try and better myself and hold a better job than I've ever held in my life. She hears this and irons the sleeve… don't do that shit, that teaches me nothing but to ask others to do things for me, and I don't rightly care for that unless it's something I absolutely can't do, like something requiring years of training.

  9. This is bollocks the sleeve is a perfect rectangle mine slopes in like a fucking triangle how in God's name do you iron a fucking triangle without millions of creeses

  10. I would like to see how do you iron the bottom part near the cuff of the sleeve. There is another crease there.

  11. When ironing the sleeve of the shirt, should the stiching on the sleeve be in the front or back, when the shirt is on its front side?

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