How to iron a Wool coat with steam iron tutorial ウールコートのアイロンのかけ方 縫製工場仕上げ職人

How to iron a Wool coat with steam iron tutorial ウールコートのアイロンのかけ方 縫製工場仕上げ職人

This time I would like to make the wool coat beautifully clean with a hanger iron. I think that everyone likes to wear a wool coat in the cold season. There are wrinkle-prone ones and not ones on wool fabrics. This wool coat is a easy wrinkle. Bright colors such as beige are noticeable wrinkles. This is a coat I just bought, but since it was ironed with the back flap, Atari (trace of iron) is attached. It is a bit embarrassing as it is.
I think that it becomes more pretty if it would be clean. I would like to iron only with steam. This is a slightly strange design, a tab can be removed from the sleeve. If there are removable parts such as these flaps, it is easy to do as it is removed. Although it is lined, this time lightly steam will be applied. If you want to clean up firmly please turn it over to do, but just enough to apply steam like this to some extent. Please steam lightly inside part first. Next, fasten only the top inner hook button. I will steam the front part which will hide. As a precaution, please do not apply iron directly to the fabric when wool fabric. There is a possibility that the fabric texture may be lost if direct ironing is applied. Please keep the distance that does not hit the limit. Next is a sleeve. Next is the outside. Steam like this. Steam it by lifting the sleeve with your left hand at the under sleeve part. One sleeve is over. Next is the opposite sleeve. The sleeve is now complete. Next is the back part. Remove the tab. Atari(a trace of iron) firmly attached. Steam from the upper part to the lower part. I steamed only the left half, can you see the difference? Only the left side is beautiful. It is on the right side. This completes the back part. Lift the sleeve with your left hand and steam like this in the under sleeve part. The rest is a front side and a collar. Steam it with the flat state of the fabric using the left hand well. The opposite side is same. The end is a collar. I steam around the round in a state where the shape of the collar is beautifully arranged. It is the first tab removed. Just steam in the same way as before is OK. Never press with iron. The fabric will collapse. Completing with tabs. Why I erase wrinkles like this in this way, The wool material has the property of trying to return to original when steam is applied. Ironing method using that property is this steam iron. However, if it is a high-grade wool material such as cashmere not polyester mixed wool material, the fabric may shrink because of steam. In such cases steam iron is not recommended much. If you are going to steam iron, please check the condition with the inconspicuous part such as side part to try steam. Check the material of the fabric with the quality indication, if it is polyester wool is no problem. Please try by all means.

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