HOW TO KEEP ACTIVEWEAR LOOKING FRESH & NEW | Wash workout clothes right! Gymshark, Lululemon

HOW TO KEEP ACTIVEWEAR LOOKING FRESH & NEW | Wash workout clothes right! Gymshark, Lululemon

so I took the Instagram to ask you guys what videos you'd like to see and believe it or not this video was by bars a most highly requested one I'm actually kind of flattered because I have always been obsessed with taking really good care of my normal clothes or activewear I just love the look and the feeling of fresh new clothes so that's how I like to maintain mine I would have been using this technique I guess you could say for years it never fails me so I'm gonna show you guys how I wash and look after my active wear I'm actually kind of excited for this video it's gonna be really simple but it works without fail so definitely give this a try I think the most important thing is consistency I never not do this so the clothes don't ever have a chance to get like damaged at all if you want to do this with me then what I would do is just gather only your activewear I usually try to wash my workout clothes just by themselves and that way it's just easier to keep them separate this method might take a little bit longer than what you usually do it shouldn't take too much longer especially when you get into the routine of it okay let's get started okay so the first thing that I'll do is separate my lights of my dark usually I'll go for like lights and bright colors and more muted darker colors I just like to do two so I'm just going to stick to that so it's simpler I also like to turn my clothes inside out as I'm doing this and the reason why is because when the clothes are washing they're going to be rubbing up against each other and that's gonna cause healing fading logo is peeling off I just don't want any of that so this ensures that everything will be in good condition I know it's one extra step if you don't want to do this that's fine the easiest thing would be like as you're taking your clothes off just turn them inside out and that way they already are or if you just aren't going to do that probably focus on the things that are more like softer thought routine materials so if this bra if you have like Lululemon aligns and that type of material then definitely definitely turn those inside out whereas ones like this it's not as necessary but I still do because this ensures that this is going to be kept in the best condition possible I'm actually really proud right look after my October's oh I'm glad you guys asked for this video okay so this color because it's super bright and vibrant I would put this in with a light colors I personally never found that colors bleed into one another if you're really worried then maybe just wash your bread separately we lemon online so I always wash them inside oh you can see that there's pilling the pilling is actually on the inside of the leggings because I always wash them inside out and on the outside there it's very minimal if not any pilling and I've had these leggings for like four years okay so here is everything separated into lights and darks and I do also want to mention we're lease over here for this I do actually put my underwear in with these washes I didn't want to talk while you were serving out my underwear so here I am yeah it's the seamless material so it's really similar to an October material anyway so it's not gonna cause pilling etc and that way my underwear is stay looking nice as well so I just kind of throw those in like you saw separate it into the lights in the dark I don't put in anything like cotton material dogs etc because then it runs the risk of causing that afterward to get peeled so I'd rather just wash that stuff separately okay so we've relocated down to the laundry room and I'm just gonna show you guys what washing products I use when we use these to laundry detergent pods you can use any laundry detergent that you want but I like that these are pre measured and it's just really easy and I also love the smell of it so yeah so these are the ones that I use this is the game changer if you don't use an oxy powder then I highly recommend you start using it especially for workout clothes it's a disinfecting back to your killing product that is non bleaching it removes stains and it doesn't affect colored clothing so I find this perfect I'm going to love the lime green here I'm gonna start with my load I also wash my secret always okay so I have my two loads of laundry here now I'm just going to put them in the washing machine in a very straightforward so I'm gonna throw this in but I forgot to mention that it's a good idea to remove removable cups from bras of where you live event will tend to get all like creased so I'm just going to do that with these frogs I forgot and then you can actually just throw them in and wash them as well you just don't want to get them all I crushed up in the bra put in detergent so I'm only gonna use about half of Asuma disks and it's a smaller load of laundry and I actually like to pour it straight in and don't like to put it in here because I find that it can build up especially if you put like other laundry detergent and stuff in there so it's gonna put this on a short wash you don't really need that long just whatever your washing machine usually does but I am putting it on a 40 degree wash three degree Celsius a very low temperature wash so that we don't damage the jerkiness of the activewear heat damages the fabric hey guys so now back to get the laundry day before I do that I just wanna let you guys know the reason why I only was using the laundry detergent and the option powder and not a fabric softener is because fabric softeners are definitely a no-go for activewear they leave a really waxy residue and it actually catches in the fibers and between the fibers blocks up the little holes and it makes it not as breathable so it essentially just makes your activewear ineffective at its job and even though a lot of people add fabric softener I think till they can make it small nice after repeated use it can actually lock in the smelly bacteria to make your after we're spanked more over time but yeah I just wanted to mention that as the reason why I don't use any fabric softener and I definitely recommend that you don't do it okay so now I'm gonna take a dip in but for the next wash so my stuff actually comes out feeling pretty dry probably like 70 to 80 percent dry and it just really needs to go from like slightly damp to all the way dry if your washing machine that doesn't do that and tends to come out wet then a lot of the time on washing machines you can actually put it on an extra spin cycle and then that will dry to the rest of the way and that brings me to my next point which is I do not put any of my workout clothes in the dryer ever it's like no you should never do that and honestly I don't know why people do because it really does not take that long once you get into the routine of this just to hang your stuff to dry what drawing your work up photos does is that it actually heats up and over time burns the fibers and it's usually to stretch your vibrates so nylon and spandex which is also known as the last paint are both synthetic fibers and they are much more affected by heat and like Cotton's and stuff like that so it can actually burn them and aside from it changing the shape because some time that really it gross feeling of them stretching out throughout the day and then your leggings are falling down and it's just it's not very nice and then another really important reason why you should never put it in the dryer is to protect the logos especially the gym track want they do not hold up in the dryer at all and I'll be the first person to tell you got so in order to keep all of your gym park looking super fresh and new don't put it in the dryer it is hard to get the logo slow temperature so it's just not worth it to put it in the dryer ok speech over time now I'm going to put the rest of this in the wash throw this wash on it then I'll show you guys if I hang my clothes to dry while I'm here quick laundry room toward I do keep a foldable drying rack in here at all times I got this off Amazon if you guys want I can link it down below but I just love this one because it saves space you can literally like hold this out like that and then it drops down can fold up really really small and not be in the way but we kind of just leave it like this and then you can throw stuff on super quick and easy if I'm doing a ton of laundry at once I'll show you guys my other drawing wraps so this is my giant Big Mama drying wrap this is the one that I use if I have a ton of laundry to do which is pretty much all the time because I always leave it in for my laundry's overflowing I know some of you are the same as me this one I actually got from Ikea so most of the time I leave it folded up as I said I've been hanging my clothes to dry for years I have a thing with dropping rocks and this one is the best one that I've ever come across we know I said about angle understand there's just so much space I love it so at this point in the game you can turn your clothes back right-side out if you want to sometimes I do sometimes I don't depends on how feeling I don't know how I'm tucked you guys want this but I joined about the tops on the lower part just because you can hang the legging over the top shelves and then the legs won't touch the floor if you guys do you want to see how I organize my active rear collection I did a video on that already so I'll leave the link in the description below but it was just a few videos ago actually smells really really good so Fred okay so that is now the entire wash all hung up to dry it may only took 10 minutes to do that of course the longest step in this process is just to wait for it to air dry this should take a few hours obviously depends on the humidity of where you live / your house but once you get into a routine of doing your laundry ahead of time it's really not so bad and trust me guys it really pays off it makes your active wear and your worth of clothes and everything just stay looking so nice and new I'm proud to say that all of mine looks like it did on the first day that I bought it or in the case of Jim shark on the day that I received it now that I sabotage myself by putting on a wash on the background of my video on that note I'm going to end the video here I hope you guys learned something I hope you enjoyed this I wanted to make it super simple and straightforward and kind of step by step to the point in short so that you guys can come back to this as a reference if you need it thank you so much for watching another one of my videos in December you haven't seen any of my other ones that I recommend checking them oh the last video I posted was a really really good at lag workout for beginners K I mean I honored I literally ever follow I never know how to end video so I'm gonna end the video here also don't forget to like this video and subscribe and um click the Bell notification okay thank you bye just kidding guys I'm actually gonna do a giveaway in this video cuz why not so there's gonna be three separate winners for these cute gym shark outfit so the first one here we have this bra and a size small and the Flex leggings and size small as well this is a pink flex set both in size small got an energy set in size small with a long sleeve flex top to mat in size small as well and I'm sure you guys are familiar with giveaway rules but all you have to do is follow me on instagram at Robin Gillian with two tees like this video subscribe to my channel click the bell notification make sure to comment on this video and let me know what videos you would like to see for the rest of the summer and for the new year and make sure to include your Instagram tag so I can find you and DM you if you're the winner alright guys that's all for this video I've got some really good ones coming up sorry for the wait and I'll see you in the next one bye

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  1. Very informative and helpful; however, I checked on IKEA's website and didn't come across that drying rack. I have been searching online for one similar to yours and haven't come across it. Would you mind sharing the link? Thanks!

  2. I’m not sure if you know how to use a drying rack or just laid your clothes on it because you didn’t have a big load of laundry… I hang my clothes from every “bar” on a drying rack instead of laying my clothes on top. I like the tip about using “oxi” products on your gym wear and i will definitely try that in the future!

  3. Also it's not really a good idea to wash shoes in the washing machine as they can lose their shape and make them look wonky. It also deteriorates the support in them. Unless theyre like muddy and absolutely horrendous i wouldnt make a habit of washing them regularly. Im sure its fine to do them once or twice in a shoe's lifetime but i wouldnt make it a regular thing.

  4. You should get asian laundry bags like this lol I usually double bag them and overtstuff them cause I think it's all the movement in the washing machine that makes the fluff ball things (

  5. just to let you know. you should be handwashing the pads in the bra. you can just use wash soap in cold water, and all the gym stuff should be in cold water if you want to keep them in good condition and protect the colours.

  6. Leave it to Robin to make me want to buy all the Gymshark pieces I’m not typically drawn too 🙄😍😂 you make everything look so good darn it! I really didn’t like the ballet top when I got it so I sent it back but you make me want to try it again hahaha it’s so cute on you!

  7. Just a FYI to anyone washing Lululemon, they advise against the use of any powder soaps as it could get stuck in the fibers. They also advise against washing under wear with your items, especially Nulu products, because underwear is made with a cotton crotch lining.

  8. TY SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! as weird as it sounds I love doing laundry and I'm so specific with how I wash everything! thankyouuuuuuuu xoxox

  9. I would like to see a video on how to get rid of dark underarms/armpits so wearing tank tops isn’t embarrassing 😭 IG: Juliette_09

  10. I washed my new Gymshark apparel with fabric softener today…….glad I found this video! Thank god I only washed them once lol. How many times do you wear your activewear before you feel like it needs to be washed?

  11. Damn… I need to get a girlfriend who likes to do laundry on this type if scale… I ain't got time for this lol

  12. I toss my Lululemon in the dryer ……every time . It still looks like new. It’s all luxtreme with a tiny bit of luon so no nulu material. Not sure if that makes a difference.

  13. Such a helpful video! Thank you! I’m awful about this but now that I have specific steps, I’m gonna be better!

  14. This video was a life saver because I was just about to wash my activewear and I had no idea how bad softener was!!
    I’d love to see a ‘what I ate in a day video!’
    My IG is: mackenzietempler 💓💓💓

  15. jesus. that tub of workout clothes is the amount of clothes ive owned in my entire life. i just have three workout outfits, i just rotate them with the usual wash. to wash them separely would mean theres too little in there and damage the washing machine. and dryers not an issue, think thats just an american thing, ive never met anyione with a dryer in this country

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