How To Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition For Reselling

How To Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition For Reselling

hello friends it's the stitches and today I have some advice for clothing resellers obviously we should be trying to buy clothing that we know we will wear for years and years but sometimes you just get a dud sometimes you see something that you think you're gonna love and then you get a and you try to mix it and match it with things and it just it doesn't work but of course nobody is going to want to rebuy a garment from you if you haven't been taking care of it if it's in poor condition you're not gonna be able to rehome it as easily as if it looks about as new as it did when you got it so here are my tips on how to keep your garments looking good my first tip is to buy high quality pieces and obviously avoid fast fashion even if you are buying from a fast fashion store try to invest in a piece that you know will last a little bit longer it doesn't matter how well you take care of something because if it's low quality it's gonna fall apart on its own when you're shopping try to favor garments that are made out of natural fibres because they tend to be a bit more resilient and do not remove your garment tags or buy clothing that has had the garment tag removed not only it does this lower the value of a garment overall and making it almost seem like it's a fake or a knockoff as opposed to a real piece your tagging tells you exactly how to take care of your garment even if there isn't a step-by-step instruction on how to wash it in the tag it will at least have the wash symbols that tell you how to take care of it and knowing how to take care of a garment properly is obviously incredibly important information you don't want to forget what kind of fiber or something is made out of especially if it's a synthetic fabric and then try to wash it in hot water that thing will shrink my next tip is to just wear your garments incredibly smartly use common sense when you're picking out your outfits for your day it's also important to switch to an aluminum of free deodorant because most pit stains are not caused by sweat they're actually caused by a chemical reaction between the aluminum and the garment specifically yellowing and if it's a black garment it might turn white a little bit in some areas that's the chemical reaction to the aluminum obviously excessive sweat can cause yellowing in certain natural fibers but more often than not especially if it's a polyester garment it can be caused by the aluminum in deodorant if you can try to switch to an all-natural deodorant because it will work with your body chemistry better and it won't damage any of your garments but note that if you've been using unnatural deodorants your entire life there is gonna be a detox period usually that period can last anywhere from 1 to 3 months and it does get a little swampy during that time but then after you go through the detox period your body will adjust to natural deodorants much easier another simple thing that a lot of people overlook is to wear an apron while you're cooking um it's grannyish boy it gets the job done if you don't have anything splattering on your clothes then you're obviously not going to have to worry about grease stains or anything like that or flour getting on things just depending on what kind of cooking you do if you cook and again dress for the occasion don't wear wool to a bar or a place where you know people are gonna be smoking because it'll hold on to that scent don't wear a linen or cotton to a hot weight restaurant because sauce you know just just use common sense the more stains you can prevent the fewer states you to learn how to remove and that transitions us into my next tip which is to find a good stain removal guide and cling to it for dear life over time as you start to develop your own tips and tricks that work as you start to experiment and find certain things that work better for you you can create your own stain removal guide that way you're always prepared with techniques that you know work one of the best things that you can do for yourself is keep some typed out instructions for how to do basic household things in a binder in your house once you say learn how to remove rust from something if you don't ever want to forget how to do that give yourself instructions on how you did it and then keep that stashed away so that if you ever come across that issue in the future then you will know how you fixed it in the past and you'll know how to fix it again I know we're living in the age of Google but honestly there's a lot of bad advice out there on the Internet there are a lot of misconceptions floating around and you don't want to accidentally fall into that especially if you've already successfully tackled this stain in the past it takes time it takes trial and error but it's really worth it to keep that information on hand and finally clean and store your clothing properly simple things like never hanging a wool sweater on a wire hanger can make all the difference mommy dearest was right about those wire hangers by the way do not let that into your house hang blocks of cedar with the clothes that you do hang that way you don't get any moth damage from them because the cedar has a natural oil in it that creates a scent that moths are just naturally they don't like it they don't like going near it so they don't especially if you are transitioning to a primarily match fiber closet you might notice that moths start to become a bit more of a problem especially if you live in an area that's kind of humid and they like to come into houses moths are naturally attracted to protein fibers so anything that comes from a natural animal source like wool fur silk anything like that they will naturally want to munch on and it can create little tiny holes in your garments and sometimes those holes are caused by synthetic fibers snapping but if it's a natural fiber it can also be caused by moth damage so you obviously want to prevent that as much as you can never let hot water touch your clothes ever hot water is what causes shrinking it's what causes fading it's what causes really all of the bad things that we associate with washing clothes in a washing machine if you can invest in a washing machine that has a button agitator as opposed to a shaft agitator because it will be much gentler on your clothing just in general and then anything that's a little bit more delicate try to hand wash it or at the very least wash it in side of a garment bag these are incredibly cheap you can make them out of scraps if you know how to sew or you can get them in packs pretty much anywhere where you buy laundry supplies use wool dryer balls and skip the fabric softener I used to be a complete fabric softener stand but it can cause a waxy buildup on your clothing over time and it just kind of gives it a weird texture in your hands and that waxy build-up especially if it's a natural fiber garment can make it breathe a little less easily which in the summer incredibly problematic if you go to the thrift store sometimes you'll find older sweaters that feel just kind of crunchy um weirdly enough this can be caused by fabric softener and if there's only one piece of advice you take from this don't leave your clothes on the ground I know it's really tempting to like throw your clothes off at the end of the day and just leave them in a pile on your floor but that is legitimately how you get bedbugs get a hamper put your clothes in the hamper overall you just want to treat your clothing with a little bit of care and respect as if there's something precious if you treat them with that respect and you genuinely take care of them my cat's trying to break into this room if you treat your garments with respect and genuinely take care of them they will look new and crisp for years that's all the advice that I have for today I hope that this was useful for somebody I hope everybody has a good day I hope everybody learns something new today and I will see you all 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  1. I'm guilty of cut of the tags xD But sometimes it's like I'm dragging and instruction book in the most awkward place so if it touches my skin and makes me itchy it will eventually end up removed. Didn't know that about deodorant, I have been using deodorant sometimes, other times coconut oil eventually I will probably just use the coconut oil. I always put my clothes back on place when I arrive home but it did take me a while to gain that habit. Now it's natural to me just took a bit to force my self xD Thank you so much for such good advice =^.^=

  2. I went back to spray deodorant because I thought natural wasn't working, but I guess I gotta go through a swampy phase ๐Ÿคฎ, but after that passes, I'll smell like fresh wildflowers ๐Ÿ˜

  3. excellent video! ๐Ÿ˜Š i am curious about your own stain removal techniques though, as well as if you have any tips on removing odors from thrifted clothing? :3

  4. Thanks for this. I thrift and make my own Lolita. I never plan to sell my handmade but I would love to keep them nice as long as possible.

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