How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

how to keep your clothes looking new are your duds looking a little worse for wear here are some extra effective ways to keep your clothes looking as good as the day you bought them you will need a washing machine and the dryer liquid detergent a towel detergent for dark clothes color remover a clothesline and clothes pins optional oxygen bleach step 1 laundering cashmere or wool knits in the washing machine even on the delicate cycle can cause them to run and unravel instead hand wash them in the sink or a bowl with liquid detergent squeeze such through the fabric instead of rubbing and rinse thoroughly step 2 with wringing knits and weakens the fabric instead gently squeeze the water out then lay the item flat on top of a towel rolled it up inside the towel and press to remove from the water unroll it and spread it on a flat surface to dry step 3 separate color fabrics from all white clothes before washing in the colors pile separate colors by intensity wash brights which are more likely to bleed pastels and dark colors in separate loads if colors run wash the stained clothes again while they're still wet and the dye should wash out step 4 machine wash darks in cold water on the shortest cycle using liquid detergent specially formulated for dark and black clothing it will keep dyes of dark fabrics from washing out and fading turn colored clothes inside out before washing them to preserve their hue step 5 wash all of your whites in hot water unless the label specifies another water temperature if you notice your whites becoming dull after a few washes add color remover to the wash which you can buy at the supermarket or online you can also try oxygen bleach chlorine bleach can leave a yellow tinge on whites especially if you wash in hot water step 6 no matter what color they are lying dry clothes whenever possible avoiding direct sunlight fold clothes in half over the line secure with clothes pins if you use the dryer choose the lowest temperature setting for the material high heat shrinks and warps fabrics step 7 some clothes like those made from linen or cotton stay wrinkle free if they're hung up while mitts retain their shape better if you fold them fold long dresses – since hanging tends to stretch them out did you know the Phoenicians developed a process of extracting purple dye from snail glands this dye was called royal purple because only Kings emperors and high priests could wear it

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    But that green shirt is in the – "Hey!"
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    Some things have changed this age and day
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    a phrase that starts with "I" and ends in "may"

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