26 Replies to “How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In”

  1. I've seen ads for the garters. There is always a pic of a man standing and the garters are taut. But I am trying to imagine what happens when the person sits down. I can't help but feel that they will loosen and cause bunching or push out into the pants, maybe getting tangled. What happens when the person sits down?

    I've also seen a different type of garter where the lower clips do not tie to the top of the socks but rather to a loop that goes around the middle thighs.

  2. A tip I learned is to get shirts that fit tighter up in the armpits. If it bags down too much, your shirt will come untucked when you raise your arms.
    Nice video.

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  5. Awesome video. Shirt stays are amazing. Question. What brand of shirt are u wearing at 2:21? Because is nice

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