28 Replies to “How to knit a cardigan sweater. Knitting tutorial with detailed instructions.”

  1. how much gm of yarn needed for this cardigan sweater for a 15 year girl and how many chain I have to cast on ?please help me .I am a beginner for knitting sweater i am regular follower of you thank you

  2. Your sweater is stunning and it took me a while to realize your knitting style was continental. (I do flicking). Anyway, it would help your video here and in the future to speak up and more clearly. The cuts in the video help the time go fast as you just knit through the pattern. It would help also if you would count like the pattern says, not just say here and there "make a loop" or something like that. I so appreciate your efforts in making this video- these are just some helpful hints for your improvement as I hope you make more videos. Thank you!

  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this helpful tutorial.
    The cardigan is lovely! 🙂

  4. 🙏nice tutorial…iwant to make this cardiganbut i want make frontand back separately,can you pl tell buton strip stitches include
    or excluded in the front portion

  5. Is just amazing what you do! I love everything you do, this one is my next project, I did some of your designs and came out really nice!!! Thanks

  6. My hip circumferance is 36". Plz tell me how many stutches to start with. N what abt armhole shaping should i do the sane as in ur pattern. Thanks.

  7. will you help  me when  my pattern  for back is to cast on 79 then do my rib then  increase  I am suppose to  P35 and pfb  purl to end and have 80 stsI  I tried it and came out  with way more sts and what I woul like to know is am I to knit my increases together or seperaly

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