33 Replies to “How to Know What to Wear Underneath Your Graduation Gown”

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  4. Thank goodness the British graduation gowns allow you to show more of your outfit unlike the American Graduation gowns. 😀

    I had my Graduation yesterday.

  5. I am from St. Peterburg and its way more north then Moscow and you can wear dresses and even shorts in the summer.. wtf…

  6. Graduations take place at anytime, especially in college. Mine is June 24th & the dress code is Business/Business casual but I'm adding my own flavor by wearing feather earrings! ^^

    My ceremony is indoors so I'm more concerned about being too cold because arenas are notorious for amping up the air. This video is great through for many graduating the first time or need hints. It's true what they said, people only see your feet but you should still look good for the before & after pics! 🙂

  7. Uh oh…my graduation will be at 2 pm @ a civic center, the graduation gown is black and the dress I bought from Black House White Market is BLACK too. I haven't bought the shoes yet but my husband says I have PLENTY pairs to last me a lifetime… hahaha Men?? What do they know about this stuff…I guess I better wear one of my summer dresses. 🙂 Thanks for posting.

  8. If you went to Howcast, where this video originated, you would see that it DID go up two or three months ago. Duh. 🙂

  9. Some schools (like mine) have requirements for the grad attire. Us girls had to wear black dresses and guys had to wear a tux and everyone had to wear black shoes and the girls' skirts couldnt be longer than the gown.

  10. I wore a white halter top and a black mini skirt underneath mine.

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  11. wish this was posted earlier lol
    lucky me my graduation was held in a hotel so I didn't have to worry about the heat 🙂

  12. what schools rent gowns? we had to either buy it or use one from a sibling/already graduated friend. Or we just didn't walk. My gown wasn't that hot either, and i'm in texas. course, the building with near a thousand students and even more parents was hot as hell. They checked everyone for proper dress before we could even sit down.

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