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  1. I'm so glad I watched this! I have a question, I'm having an elopement marriage at a courthouse, and wanted to know, if I absolutely need assistance for this backing type? Can I pre-lace, and pull tight when I'm getting ready? Mine is a zipper, but I was thinking about changing it to the corset. Thank you.

  2. Encontrei a solução pro vestido q comprei e não fecha nas costas.Comprei da China e lá o xg é muito menor q a numeração no Brasil.

  3. 5:43 – 6 minute mark

    "How Does it Actually Feel, Cause You Are Actually Wearing it So You Know" – Anxiety

    "Make Sure That You Are Happy" – Life

    "She know's how it feels, you don't" – Depression

    The creator of this wanted to take the time to go much much deeper than just about a wedding dress. This art piece used symbolism about life, depression, and anxiety. The metaphors she left for us holds so much truth…

    No One Can Tell You – How You Feel. Only YOU know That.

    Something we should all keep in mind. And..honestly… That's beautiful. Can't wait for your next video.

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