How to Lace Dress Shoe 4 Eyelets

How to Lace Dress Shoe 4 Eyelets

Do you need to know how to lace dress
shoes with four eyelets? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today
and we’re starting right now . What’s up man I’m Andres and this is
Be a Man TV where I give you the power not only to become a compentent man but a
confident man. Introducing the straight bar lacing for this we’re going to
start off by going into the first pair of eyelets now this technique will work
with any shoe that has an even amount of eyelets so take your lace ends put them
together and then pull it through so that your lace is to end in equal length
now to make this easy we’re going to do one lace at a time so this one is going to be
lace number one and this one will be lace number two so starting with lace
number one we’re going to come out through the second eyelet on the same side so
just push through then pull then go into the second eyelet we’re
gonna skip the third eyelet and we’re going to come out through the fourth eyelet so that’s it for lace number one let’s
continue with number two which did go in to the first eyelet we’re going to come out
through the third eyelet they’re going to go in to the third eyelet. Finally
we’re gonna come out through the fourth eyelet at this point I’m gonna tie the
shoelaces to demonstrate what it looks like when you’re wearing it so would you
think man was that hard or easy to follow
you know the straight bar lacing system is my favorite way of lacing dress shoes
you know it’s just clean lines and it looks great on any kind of shoe really
now if you need shoelaces I’m gonna put a link in the description below so that
you can get started but if you need to know how to lace dress shoes with five
eyelets click on the card above do not let your man card be revoked make sure
you’re subscribed to this channel until next time stay manly my friend

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  2. I hope this was easy enough to help you. If you have have shoes with an odd number of eyelets/holes I have the hack here –

  3. Bro this helped me a lot, literally anyone can do this if they follow these steps. Cheers mate, I hope your channele will grow

  4. It was very easy to follow, but i feel there is too much friction for the laces to pull easily through the eyelets when you are tightening your shoes using this method.

  5. Getting straight to the point has become such a lost art. 5/5 star for your great tutorial on your “clean nice” straight bar lacing method!

  6. why did you shoot the video from the opposite side? sloppy camera work, bad decision. why wouldn't you shoot it from the POV of the person tying their shoes?

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