How to Lay Fabric for Landscaping Using Rock : Beautiful Garden Landscaping

How to Lay Fabric for Landscaping Using Rock : Beautiful Garden Landscaping

hi i'm gina samurai two of the samurai auto design group you know what even when you design landscapes professionally like i do every once in a while you miss a step that you wish you would remembered earlier on underneath this deck you can see we have all of this landscaping rock landscaping rock is a great way to keep drainage at a minimum keep the water flowing prevent weeds etc except if you forget to put the landscape fabric like I did so you can see we've got a lot of weeds here that we're going to have to address and taking out the weeds the first time is easy enough keeping them from coming back is the more difficult part and that's what I want to show you today landscape fabric is a very lightweight mesh it's not biodegradable so once it goes down you've got it there for good I'm going to show you with just a small square how it's done although when you do this on larger areas you can buy it in a roll and you would use a hard rake to move your soil and stone out of the way for today's purposes I have a little hand tool here you just want to pull the stone away exposing the soil underneath you don't have to lift out weeds they're already in existence because they're going to disintegrate with the fabric on top of it and with a light application of herbicide when you're done you would put the fabric down you could hold it down with on the corners when you're doing larger sections with some stones wazz you're working once it's down it's really all that simple you would just move the stone rake the stone back on any little weeds that are there the easiest way to take care of those is with an application of roundup or another herbicide you could pull them out by hand the bigger idea with putting down this fabric under your stone is that you're not going to get new weeds and that's going to make all the difference in maintaining your landscape long term i'm gina-sama otto of the semi-auto design group good luck with your next gardening project you

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  1. Instead of all the negativity, i wanted to comment on something that amused me. At the end the closed captioning made your self intro to be gina-sama which in Japanese, the -sama is used to denote someone who's a highly respectable person. So Youtube's auto close caption generating believes that at least 😉 Keep up the video suggestions!

  2. thank you. it is important to underRock for alotta reasons. buy the thicker slightly more expensive cloth, it prob works. but me still going 5 years; used dark plastic, a notch or two thicker than plastic bags and it works perfectly fine. water pooling? poke pencil size one hole per foot and several more where water pools.

  3. I discourage folks from doing rock hardscapes anywhere that tree debris (leaves, nuts, etc) can accumulate. Using a leaf blower to try and get all the leaves, maple helicopters (maple trees), or acorns out (oak trees), is a waste of time because you can’t get them all. When the leafs and other organic material breaks down it will create dirt which is now going to grow weeds on top of the weed paper. Then you should invest in Roundup stock because you’ll be using it constantly. I prefer not to try and fight Mother Nature. Just my two cents. 😃

  4. I'm doing my front garden in Plum slate chippings , how many ground pegs will i need with 20 metres squared , is 1 peg a metre of fabric enough ? are the metal ground pins better than plastic ?

    I just need a little advice as I want to get this right
    I've ordered 20 x 1 mtre weed fabric from Amazon with a good rating so far
    my garden is 18 metres square

    should I over lap ? any advice you have will be much appreciated

  5. Would like to know if the fabric is bad for the tree roots? Am reading different articles seems very different opinions on the issue..

  6. This might just be one of the stupidest videos I've ever watched. Just lay the fabric down then, whatever, just chuck these weeds and soil back on top so that they grow again, then, who gives a fuck just get some round up and kill the shit out of everything.

  7. Yeah but as the years roll on the fabric gets soil building in the top of the fabric and weeds grow on top. It's true. She just didn't say it.

  8. So wait, landscape rock "is a great way to keep drainage at a minimum"?? 00:21 HUH, rock keeps drainage at a maximum. This is one silly video – of very little help – apparently they're just trying to get a video on youtube for views. "You can hold down a corner while raking the rock back on to it"????? Gee thanks for that helpful tip. I know, I'm a smartass but c'mon and stop wasting our time with this garbage.

  9. Round Up? Herbicide? Are you so misinformed that you don't know how dangerous, disgusting and horrible for the environment these chemicals are? How could you ever recommend these horrific products? Shame on you.

  10. i use this works alright.been using for 2 years now

  11. Thank you for this video.  I appreciate you getting straight to the point unlike others who have to explain who they are and what they do for 10 minutes first.

  12. The fabric you used is too thin. I used this last year on my landscaping project, added gravel to the surface, and this year  Behold!——a forest of weeds popped up all over the place. A thicker fabric, I think, would've been more effective.

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