1. get coupons for Joann Fabrics, that's what I do, I can get nice fabric cheap. Also you can get fabric at second hand stores and even curtains and sheets makes great fabrics.

  2. Well dang, I know nothing about making clothes and this brother just made me feel sooo bad😐. You did good, now I am bout to go try to make something 😕

  3. The Northern Kingdom and The Southern Kingdom:
    GMS-Los Angeles is the most Perfect example of that;
    the "GMSANCIENTOFDAYS" Channel here on youtube, to see what I mean.
    Basically the Prophets pushing The Gift of The LORD'S Sound Doctrine in this current age and time starting with GMS, and all Brothers teaching like the Church of GMS.

  4. @trueisraelite Proverbs 23:9 Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

  5. Israel is not in the land.. israel wont go back into the land until the SECOND coming of chris. And when israel is back in the land there will be no more war. according to the book… the people in the land are not the people.. they are of the devil. fyi, original hebrew put the fringe all around.. not just he corners.

  6. If this is too difficult for you to understand clearly you are not the elect that you proclaim, you are following the traditions of man, under the guise of the Ancient Israelites designation, You need to seek brothers who are in the land already, would you say that to Machiac if he were speaking Aramaic to you? get yourself a Strongs Concordence and do the research yourself, and if you are the sincere Ahk that you proclaim, don't condescend to name calling, that's childish, give a brief study.

  7. You also got anna's linen or even cheaper…which ever walmart especially super wallmarts or 24/7 wallmarts will have the boarders of blue (blue ribbon) and gold or white fringes.

    Remember the border being of blue is mandatory, a must do.

    also at wallmart they have fabric material too

  8. Yea bitch nigga this isnt a fashion show or no run way beauty pageant you effeminate vain proud hearted nigga…you got that kayne west flashy lightysee spirit upon you, but this is what THEMOSTHIGHPOWER has to SAY…Revelation 11:3 And I will give [power] unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred [and] threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

  9. This video is not for you. Your speaking that Yiddish Edomite Demonic Devil tongue an i have no clue as to what the hell your talking about. This video is made for the sincere brothers and sister who are under the guidance of Yahawah Ba Hasham Yahawashi through our elder of MegasMulos/GMS. Again, clearly this video is not intended for a person like you. This videos is ment for the elect of Yasharahla not the proud sottish people of what you call Yisrael…..

  10. The commandment is A Tzitzit: A braid like, Chain like fringe in the Kanawph (Corners of the hem) or (Extremities of the Hem, far left to far right corners) from the root word: (Kanaph which plainly means corners,) Corners of the of the Garment, not in the Shool (Hem) Sibbaw Circumfrencing the hem. If you are going to line the Shool with Tzitziyot at least have one in each corner that has a string with blue in it, Wake UP Yisrael, Yahsharal, you are making a mockery of YHWH commandments.

  11. @trueisraelite You must be having a great time here in captivity to make a comment like that. Our nation has been and should be lementing and mourning you idiot (Eccl 7:2-4)(Sirach 18:32). As prophets we are not suppose to be looking "taylor made" with glorious garments (Sirach 11:4) cause thats what the scribes and pharisees did (Matt 23:1-5) Furthermore this video was directed to the sincere new brothers in the truth who are struggling with money and needed to know how to make a basic garment

  12. @DJWine shalam ahch. you can hit up any Joann Fabrics Store, Michaels, or any Hamite shop should have all the materials you need. I, myself, went to Joaan Fabrics and got everything from there.

  13. @DJWine Salach = excuse/forgive/apology …… and the suffix "Ya" on the end a word makes it possesive (i.e. me, my, mine).

    So "salachya" means excuse me, my apologies, or forgive me.

  14. nice & simple. for some reason when I made mine months ago I did it so difficult it took me hrs!! lol. shalawam!

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