29 Replies to “How to make a Chevron Quilt using 10" Fabric Squares”

  1. Is this hard to make into a King size quilt? Would I just add extra fabric around to the border? It’s every beautiful!

  2. Thamks for your tutorial. I have taught myself at the age of 58. I was working lady & just got retired. First I have made the quilt for myself as a passion. I was making this in stitching by hand which took 2 months to finish. Now I have purchased a sewing machine & making the quilt. I have made 20 quilted bed toppers of different sizes. I am facing problems for backing of big sixe quilt. Managing somehow. Can you help me? Your tutorial

  3. I have just finished my Chevron Quilt not sure how to share a photo of it i used Black & Jewel Tone colours

  4. i have purchased your fabric by yardage. 2 blue, 2 orange and 2 white. i wanted two chevron colors so with that amount of yardage,what size quilt would I get if its 10" sq each ad demo

  5. I have made 2 of your baby quilts by tutorial in the past…….after 3 years, I finally got to try this one.  This is only my third quilt…..but it was fun and I loved it……It looks great on top…..not so much underneath……I thought I was pressing seems correctly……but all in all, a fun project and I enjoyed it….I think I'm going to try summer in the park next….I'll keep you posted…..concerned about pressing those seems:)

  6. Did you square up the hst before laying out the blocks? If you did, what did you square them to? Can't wait to try this one. Thanks

  7. This is my favorite of all my favorites. Very modern, and with 5 granddaughters graduating high school, beginning last year, quick and easy, and they all love it! I would love the $150.00 in Quilter's Cash!
    Jennifer Shirley

  8. love this quilt super easy beginner quilt. this was the first quilt I made and I only wish I had known about layer cakes at the time. it would have been even easier!

  9. I LOVE how easy and cute this was! I used a "Because of the Brave" layer cake and a beige layer cake and made two of these for donations to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed. 😊

  10. This was the first "Jenny" quilt I made. The tutorial was easy to follow and it turned out great. However I did find that I am a little "direction challenged" when placing the blocks out to make the chevron!

  11. Love the chevron! Im dying to make this quilt for my daughter. Cant decide on the fabric. $150 in quilters cash points would help!

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