How to Make a Coat Rack. Easy, Quick & Cheap!

How to Make a Coat Rack. Easy, Quick & Cheap!

(a cappella music) – [Uncle Knackers] Here we go, here we go. Now I know what you’re thinking, and no, Rocky’s not making a comeback. But it is time to grab a protein shake, throw on some gym gear, and warm up those muscles. Cause it’s time for the world’s first ever 30 Minute Challenge. Let’s do it. I’m excited. (folk music) G’day, folks, my name’s Uncle Knackers and you’re watching
D.I.Y For Knuckleheads. Am I still wearing that hat? That can go. (objects breaking) Whoops. Now what I plan to do with
the Thirty Minute Challenge is to do a number of simple projects that anybody can do over the weekend and in under thirty minutes. I sound like Jamie Oliver. And to prove it, I’ve got my Thirty Minute
Challenge stopwatch to keep me honest. Let’s do it. As you can see, there’s
thirty minutes on the clock, and your time starts now. Let’s go! Alrighty, the first cap off the rank is going to be this super simple coat rack made from an old piece of fascia board, and these ultra cool vintage wire hooks, which I absolutely L-O-V-E, love. Let’s do it. Now the first thing we need to do is to cut that round edge
off our fascia board, which is normally about
twenty-five millimetres, or an inch wide. To rip your fascia board down, you can either use your table saw, and don’t worry if you
don’t have a table saw. You can still just use your
trusty old circular saw with a circular saw guide. (sawing) Too easy! Alright, the fascia board
has now been ripped down and we have an edge, but
we also need another edge so that these can wrap
around the coat rack. So you’ll need to cut two
lengths of fascia board to get the two edges. Right, the next step, cut that coat rack to length. Mine’s going to be eleven
hundred and twenty millimetres, which is a bee’s leg
over forty-four inches. So let’s head over to the
drop saw to do that now. (jazz music) Okay, so far, we have the
coat rack cut to length, and also the two sides cut. They’re going to be
attached to the coat rack. But before we go any further,
let’s check that time. Okay, I’ll stop the clock, and it looks like we’ve been
going for about seven minutes. Alright, we’re on track, let’s keep going. The next thing we need to do is to cut these edge strips to length. So just simply line them up to the edge of your coat rack, put a mark on it with enough room so that you can cut a
forty-five degree angle. So I’ll do it to both pieces,
head over to the drop saw, and get those cut. (upbeat jazzy music) Now with the two side pieces done, grab the off cut and just line that up with one of the edges and mark the other side, and
do the same for the other end. Take it over to the saw, cut
a forty-five, and you’re done. But before that, let’s check out the time. So far, so good. We’re looking good, people. Ten minutes, we’re on track. Let’s go. (jazz music) All those edge pieces have now been cut, and now it’s just simply a matter of glueing and nailing them in place. And for that, I’m just
using my trust old nail gun with a thirty-eight millimetre or inch and a half galvanised nail. Let’s go. (jazz music) (nail gun noises) And that’s the coat rack basically done. Now all we need to do is give it a sand, a paint job, and then
put on those beautiful vintage wire hooks. Now let’s check that time out. Alright, let’s stop the clock, and we are on almost nineteen minutes. Oooh, time’s getting tight, can we do it? Let’s keep going. (jazz music) Okay, I’ve stopped the
clock at twenty-one minutes just to explain what we’re doing next. Phew, I tell you what,
it’s gonna be tight. Okay, the coat rack has now been sanded, and is now ready for the finish and also to screw on our vintage wire coat hooks. The plan of attack is to map out where all of these coat hooks are going to go, screw the holes, take the brackets off, give it a paint job, and
then screw those back on, and hopefully we’ll sneak in
under those thirty minutes. Let’s give it a go. (jazz music) And I’ll take these off so we
can apply that clear finish. (electric screwdriver sounds) Phew, we’re going down to the wire. We’ve got three and a half minutes left, and we’ve still got to apply one coat of that hard wax oil, and then put all those coat hooks back on. Like I said before, it’s
gonna be tight, let’s go. (soft rock music) Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on! Alright, come on, quick quick quick. Aah! Okay, tools down, stop the clock. Okay, stop the clock, and
what did we finish up with? Ooh, twenty-nine minutes and
roughly twenty-five seconds. Peace of cake, still had
thirty-five seconds up my sleeve. Too easy. Well, that’s a closey. So that’s it, folks, what do you reckon? My first ever Thirty Minute Challenge. I think it turned out okay. Great tip, Knackers! Well, I hope you enjoyed and found useful the first ever Thirty Minute Challenge. I had a great time doing
it even though at the end, it got a little bit tight. And it’s amazing what you
can do under thirty minutes if you have everything ready beforehand. Alrighty, as per usual, a big thumbs up is greatly appreciated, and if this is your
first time to my channel, hit that subscribe button
so you don’t miss out on any future thirty minute challenges or any other project for that matter. And, if by some chance
you’d like to pick up some of these vintage wire
hooks and you live in Australia, I’ll leave a link of that in
the description box down below, so make sure you check that out. Alrighty, I need a cup of tea, and this needs to be up on a wall. So until next time, I’m out of here. Cheers. (upbeat folk music)

47 Replies to “How to Make a Coat Rack. Easy, Quick & Cheap!”

  1. Awesome job uncle knackers, you did a 30 minute challenge in 11minutes and 15 seconds, top job knackers, and i'm sitting here in my "TOP TIP KNACKERS" hoody. Thanks Shane, cheers mate.

  2. The intro was awesome, ribs must be feeling much better now. Really like the coat hooks. Great job πŸ™‚

  3. I thought it had ya beat mate, really well achieved challenge mate, top notch πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. nicely done mate πŸ™‚

    here's a 30 minute challenge for ya, a 3 minute sand egg timer using two bottles (glass or plastic) a bit of timber a besser block and some ridgy didge paint πŸ™‚
    I know you can make it look good mate πŸ™‚

    love thisΒ 30 minute series idea πŸ™‚

    edit: a besser block half, since it would be to heavy for your mrs to turn over a full size besser block everytime she wants to boil an egg πŸ™‚

  5. Great to see more of these types of projects from you again! Awesome challenge idea. I have to ask, what did you use to mount it securely to the wall?

  6. Well done Unc! That's a quality coat rack we'd all love to hang in our home. Will have to look for a company in the States that sells those hooks. bright colors and great vintage look. Thumbs WAY up! and all done, tools down, in under 30 minutes! You never cease to amaze me with your ideas and enthusiasm. already looking forward to the next video. cheers from North Carolina.

  7. Neat video and project. Great example for the beginner or part-time woodworker to demonstrate how easy it is to get started, have some fun, and end up with a finished project in minimal time. Keep em coming!

  8. Stand back Tom Cruise… Uncle Knackers is here… πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ "Mission Possible" πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯… Brilliant job my friend πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘… Have a great one…

  9. GREAT project Shane. I like the finish too.
    Glad to see you "back in the saddle" again.
    No more DNA runs on the bike. The more we "mature" the harder it is to get mended up.

  10. I told the wife about the 30 minute challenge and how you had everything you needed ready, she handed me the Iron and got the board out of the press, cheers Knackers

  11. Beautiful project as usual. Love this 30 minute challenge. Still my favorite YouTube channel, by far. By the way Shane, how are you liking your DEWALT table saw?

  12. Love the coat rack Shane, but i think you could have done it quicker if you didn't keep talking, and stopping the clock all the time ha ha ha, only joking mate a great video as usual from you, and a well deserved cuppa for you.
    Barry Bazza (ENG)

  13. Loved the coat rack, especially the colorful hooks. I was so hoping you were going to put the hooks on with the paint going across the top. They look like clouds drifting across the board. Thanks for the vid.

  14. I definitely want to try to make this! Thanks for offering a great selection of diy's for all levels. Love your channel!

  15. Shane, I made a hat/coat rack using a pine slat off a wire cable drum and some railway dog spikes then used marine varnish finish. Took a bit longer than 30 mins. I'm going to build another one and try for 30 mins. Let you know how I go. Should get others to do the same. Cheers, Rossco

  16. Bit slack mate. Ya coulda used the 35 seconds left to mount it on the wall. Need to lift ur game I reckon. πŸ˜‹
    Seriously tho, top job Shane, am gonna see if I can knock one up one the weekend.
    But for me it'll be a three hour challenge lol. 😜 πŸ‘

  17. Really nice!!! This is just the kind of projects I would like to see more of from you. Love all your previous rustic builds as well. It gives such a good feeling seing waste lumber turn into something great.

  18. well the game of the year is in about 25 minutes. hopefully you don't have any bucks on the kanga's. Sorry, mate, but the doggies are going to take this game. Listening to the Giants smack daddy all over the Lions. Hear a lot of boos from the crowd, must have been a bad meat pie causing this or maybe the Gabba ran out of VB. Nice project btw, lol. Cheers, mate!🍻 Lions 86 / Giants 146

  19. Gooday ShaneΒ 

    Repairing and decorating house.Β 

    Having trouble getting a good finish on internal decorating with damaged external corners.Β 

    House traditionally built in the 1960. Plaster over concrete blocks.Β 

    What do you recommend please?Β 


    PS. We really enjoy your videos. Have learned a lot from you. Thank you.Β 


  20. Very nice. I like the vintage look. Depending on how old the fascia is, it could have been painted with lead based paint, so you may want to be careful cutting and sanding old painted boards. And don't eat those tasty paint chips!

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