How to Make a Coat Rack : Install Coat Rack Pegs

How to Make a Coat Rack : Install Coat Rack Pegs

Hi, this is John and in this clip we will
be installing the pegs. I went ahead and purchased some shaker pegs from my home center and I’m
going to be using these to hang the coats up on my coat rack. First thing, now that
my glue has dried, holding my top plate and bottom plate together, I can go ahead and
remove the screws.
Now because I had pre-drilled those holes, to attach my two pieces together, I already
have the location for each of the pegs. I just need to drill a little bit larger hole
so that the peg will sit down in there so that I can glue it. I went ahead and installed
a larger drill bit and now I just going to drill about three quarters of an inch. And then we’ll go ahead and test it to make
sure the peg fits and it seems to fit pretty nicely. Next we’re just going to take a little
bit of glue
and put our peg in place and make sure you wipe off any excess glue. Go ahead and continue
with the same procedure for the rest of the pegs.

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  1. Build a "coatrack" hanger system with 3/4" plywood strips in garage many years ago and glued the shaker pegs in as suggested in the video.  After some years and some heavy stuff hung on them they loosened.  I wondered at the time about the gluing as the pegs are tapered. Decided to rebuild some and went googling for better gluing methods.

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