How to Make a Cowboy Costume

How to Make a Cowboy Costume

How to Make a Cowboy Costume. Need a last-minute costume? Well yee-haw, pard’ner, you can slap together
a cowboy outfit in no time. You will need Jeans Plaid flannel shirt Leather
vest Cowboy boots Leather belt /w oversized buckle Bandanna Cowboy hat 4-6′ Length of
rope Toy pistol and holster Zip ties (optional) Clip-on hook (optional) A length of thin cord
or rope (optional) and a toy badge or small belt buckle (optional). Step 1. Collect all the elements and props that you’ll
need. If you’re missing any of the items,
a local toy store and/or second-hand clothing shop should have anything you need. Step 2. Put on the jeans, shirt, belt and vest; tie
the bandanna around your neck. Traditionally, the bandanna is tied behind
the neck for men, and in front of the neck for women. Step 3. Put on the pistol holster complete with toy
pistol. When looking for toy pistol, look for one
styled as a revolver. Step 4. Coil the rope into a lasso. Use a zip-tie to hold the coil or rope together,
unless you plan to play with the rope while wearing the costume. Step 5. Hang the lasso from your belt using a clip-on
hook, or attach it to your belt with a zip-tie. To take your outfit over the top, make a bolo
tie by clipping a length of thin cord or rope around your neck with a toy sheriff badge
or belt buckle. Step 6. Put on your hat and boots and giddy-up, ‘cause
the party is a’waitin’. Did you know Many modern cowboys still ride
horses to monitor their cattle herds, and still carry guns as protection against wild

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  1. that is a lie it is not traditional for men in the back or whatever she said about the bandana shit if you were an outlaw you would wear it in the front to cover your face duh dip shits

  2. "Pistol holder"??? Don't you mean "holster"? You might wanna rerecord that line and leave that poor cat alone next time.

  3. LMAO—-and then by all means go to a DUDE ranch in this outfit….(the wranglers will be laughing their butts off after you've paid your money)

  4. okay, hello comment section, im from the future. "yeehaw" and other cowboy sayings are a huge meme now. brace yourself for tik tok folks.

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