How to Make a Dress : How to Sew a Dress Together

How to Make a Dress : How to Sew a Dress Together

In this segment, we’ll talk about joining
the different parts of the fabric to make the dress. First, we close the darts of the
dress so it gets a better fit. We fold pocket which is used for button and the gauge to
sew the buttons. Third we join the front and back with the shoulder, then the side seams.
Next we join the sleeves to the armhole of the dress. For the finishing, we’ll give hemming
to the bottom and the sleeves.

17 Replies to “How to Make a Dress : How to Sew a Dress Together”

  1. wtf?? we hve to close the darts?? what does that mean?? dont most of us call them buttons? and this didnt help me. at all.

  2. Darts are the triangular stitched folds on the inside of a dress that shape it and make it fit tighter to the body.

  3. I dont know which part follows or came before it, its too short too. Please combine videos to give a fuller lesson and number each part. Its very irritating to try to follow in small parts and have to wait to download/buffer each part. Impossible to keep concentration. Distractions are easy and then the whole thing is quickly forgotten. When you talk about joining parts of the fabric, please sew and show us slowly, with closeups of the work being done.

  4. Also the title is How to Sew a Dress but you dont do any sewing. Please sew the dress! What possible good does it do to show the finished product when people wanted the sewing/joining lesson? Your wasting everyones valuable time!

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