How to Make a Dress : Placing the Pattern on Fabric: Making a Dress

How to Make a Dress : Placing the Pattern on Fabric: Making a Dress

According to the requirement of client and
body structure, we’ll decide which fabric to use and how much to use. in this segment,
we’ll talk about how place the pattern paper on the selected fabric and do the markings.
We’ll place the fabric right to right. It is the right side of fabric placed together.
We’ll do the tracing on the wrong side of the fabric. We’ll leave 3 inches from here
for the pocket or the buttons.
Then we’ll give the shape with the chalk. We’ll trace the pattern on the fabric. We
will cut the fabric according to the pattern. We’ll mark the dart points also, which is
a very important part. Now we’ll cut the fabric. The pattern is traced on the fabric, and the
fabric is ready for the stitching.

13 Replies to “How to Make a Dress : Placing the Pattern on Fabric: Making a Dress”

  1. you can get that special chalk for marking clothes but iv ran out so I use an ordinary chalk because it also washes away and its cheaper! 🙂

  2. what if the fabric has a design such as stripes, plaid or floral? do we still have to trace on the wrong side? I am thinking perhaps it's better to trace on the right side so that you will have a better plan on how the dress would look after it has been cut? am i right?

  3. I love that you are so clear and you take it slow in the instruction. Thank you for taking the time to show us what you know for us who do not.

  4. NOW I GET! That is how you make those beautiful Indian clothing, like those patterns on those shirts, the different colors on those fabrics were like quilted some kind of way. You traced the pattern guild thing, then you place it on the fabric you'll be using, then place the line up that you traced already then you can so the parts together, THAT IS GENIUS! and PLUS you DECORATE! Its exactly like quilting I finally figured it out. Thank you for proving I'm correct, or some what correct. Also this was a really good video my friend.

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