How to Make a Fabric Easter Egg

How to Make a Fabric Easter Egg

How to Make a Fabric Easter Egg. Stitch up an Easter egg surprise with this
fun and easy-to-follow project. You will need Egg template Printed linen fabric
Pen Scissors Sewing machine Batting Pencil or knitting needle Needle and thread Hot glue
gun Trim Easter basket and assorted fabrics (optional). Step 1. Use a template to draw an egg-shaped oval
on the back of fabric with a pen. Repeat this shape 4 more times and then cut
them out of the fabric with your scissors. Use a different color, style, or pattern of
fabric for each of the four sides for a wild, stylized fabric Easter egg. Step 2. With the external sides of the fabric facing
each other, use your sewing machine to sew 2 sides of 2 pieces together, about a quarter
of an inch from the edge. Step 3. Repeat the same process with the other two
sides and then sew the two halves together, external sides facing. Leave a 1-inch-hole at the top to turn the
right sides out. Step 4. Stuff the egg with cotton or polyester batting
using a pencil or a knitting needle. Work the batting around to make the egg as
smooth as possible. Tear the batting fibers into smaller pieces
for even filling and to avoid a lumpy egg. Step 5. Hand sew the opening in the egg closed with
a needle and matching thread. Step 6. Stitch or glue decorative trim onto the egg
with either a hot glue gun or a needle and thread to finish up your first fabric egg. Then make some more, and load your eggs into
an Easter basket for a long-lasting decoration. Did you know On The Thursday before Easter,
German Christians use green eggs as a sign of mourning.

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