How To Make A Fabric Pumpkin | Farmhouse | Recycled Fabric

How To Make A Fabric Pumpkin | Farmhouse | Recycled Fabric

today we take thrift store sweaters twigs from outside and trim from our stash and turn them into beautiful farmhouse pumpkins sometimes when you need supplies you have to go to the thrift store so we're at di today and I'm finding a sweater hopefully for our pumpkins I'm going to attract a saying that so I don't mess up kind of wanting to stick with gray and white I love this one because it's got this cool nail head detail so hey man go ahead and get this one I saw this one nothing and that would be fun because I kind of like mint and it's got grey on the back how much is that one it's four dollars but the only thing is that like how many pumpkins can you get out of them I think I could get for if I go this way I like this ribbed one good yeah that's right alright so we got three this sweater is going to become our DIY for today I'm going to show you how to make a pumpkin for your house see I set pumpkin right I've been saying pumpkin pumpkin I've been practicing we're gonna make pumpkins out of these sweaters we've got this gray one got the old goal table it I wonder what this would look like on me sab says I can't keep these but I think I'm gonna try them on it's like that fifty challenge I don't know if this is gonna quite fit but this one's my favorite so maybe if I layered this one at the top all right this is a good look but maybe pumpkins out of for today's DIY you're gonna need sweaters and the colors of your choice a pair of scissors to cut them up you're gonna need some thick thread or twine to so whit don't forget your needle trim for decor some twigs from outside hot glue and a high temp gun as well as a polyfill I use a big box but a smaller bag will be just fine we're gonna get started here and I'm going to be cutting on my sweater so hopefully I don't screw it up I've got three of them it needs to be like longer than it is tall so I'm just gonna cut I'm gonna try to get two strips out of this and then maybe some minutes sleeves it'll make some big and little pumpkins so I'm gonna fold this over so that way they can be the same approximate size here we've got four pieces out of that one sweater we're going to duplicate that process two more times and then we'll have all of our fabric cut out we'll be ready to start sewing which is actually gonna be done by Zeb these are our sleeves and the sleeves are gonna require a sewing on a machine and so I'm going to go ahead and do that and I'm just going to sew this side here so we've got like a little I don't know rectangle but these ones are already rectangles so we're not doing anything hopefully this size works we'll find out once we do it and they're all cut up so I'm going to get that phone and then and we'll get back and you'll watch them do the hand sewing linking I'm gonna make pumpkins oh yeah odd you want to see mommy make pumpkins are you excited about Halloween this year yeah did did Miss Kat get her decorations up at preschool yeah what kind of decorations did she have for Halloween I'm not smile and lift and an owl a fire in a witch and how it was a scary or was it fun it was scary can we trust Gilly the witch was scary yeah what are you gonna be for Halloween when are you gonna dress up as um Batman that's a good idea can I guess all right all right get this done I've got my needle and thread set up I'm gonna cut the thread to about 18 inches just so I have a lot of extra left over and you're gonna watch me attempt to tie off the end here I just pull it through till it's almost all the way through and don't make fun I don't sew a lot now that I've got that loop through I'm just gonna go back in through the front and come back up through my hoop that I've made and pull that tight that's gonna hold that secure so that it doesn't slip out this hemp is really thick it's a hemp thread and it's really easy to tie off once you have your not secured and your Fred's not gonna pull out you just take half inch bites on every stitch it doesn't have to be a really tight stitch at the end I'm gonna gather this all up and pull it tight you want it to bunch up at the bottom like this once you have gathered at the bottom just tie it off again same way as you did the front that way when you put your polyfill in nothing falls out of it then you're done with this step all right I've kind of got this sweater sleeve sewn up a little bit nothing's gonna fall out of the bottom so you just take it got it right there like that and flip it in on itself so that all of the lovely seam is inside there and we're gonna fill this up with polyfill so it was awesome enough to get the bottom of this Sun so I'm gonna go ahead and stuff in here it's pretty easy sorry we've been laughing and joking sometime that giggling anyways it takes a lot more than you think so just keep stuffing it in until you get it kind of how you like it I brought in my really attractive assistant here he's been crafting than I am don't watch it first and then put the stick in it bend it first I like that yep okay no we're gonna put the string on it I'll see you don't put the stick in there talk to you string it yeah I string it and then loosely tie it and then with enough room for the stick to go down in and you're gonna want this lower that did it all by himself but like my crafting skills well it can also because I'm tired yeah you've been up since what 2 a.m. 2 a.m. you know open that up so I can get the stick down today okay Zeb came up with this idea we were gonna cut the excess off but I kind of like the ruffle so I just pulled that pretty snug there and then double knotted it that's it you could leave these strings hang in if you want or put a bunch of them on there I think we will leave the strings hanging on this one so you get your stem you can adjust it till you have it out as far as you like and it's not it's not gonna go in there anywhere it's pretty pretty tight as promised I'm showing you the top of this I've got a double knotted with my jute string and then I'm just taking and folding on that top and fluffing it down you can see the stems in there I've got to do a little bit of pushing and fluffing so to get that cotton the way that I wanted and they're just pushing it down and then even tamping it on the bottom that way it gets nice and flat and I've got a great shape to work with so now comes the fun part I'm using my trimmer I keep a lot of it in stock I didn't purchase any of this for this project it's just leftovers but I think originally it did come from Hobby Lobby we've got like this lacy one and then one that's kind of like a cream and jute twine and then one that's like a braided jute but really you could use whatever and your sweater may be different than mine so just pick a trim that goes with it if you already have it even better I'm just tying this in a knot you could put a bow I'm not a huge fan of bows I like to keep it simple it's just to add a little bit texture and you can leave it long like this which I kind of like or you can trim it off so I'm just going to trim off a little bit shorter no no what do you think that was it's still too long no I think it's great all right so Deb this is a vine D yes you know the vines zebb gave us a stamp of approval so the final thing that I'm gonna do is just I mean I don't know this is absolutely necessary as I'm just gonna use my glue gun I'm just gonna put some glue around this spot to really just hold the stem in and then just come in put this up around here you won't actually see it and our pumpkin is done we're gonna do that on a few different ones you saw we cut out all those different sweaters and then we'll show you what our display looks like when we're finished here the pumpkin maker isn't my pumpkin babies don't be that tired come on I'm not tired tell them about what we did what we took some old sweaters and we got to ski we took some old sweaters they okay so we took some old sweaters from the thrift store and we cut them up and use them to make these pumpkins they turned out pretty amazing considering what they started out as you don't have to go buy sweaters if you've got some sweaters and your closet especially ones with stains it's a good way to reuse them you can also use fabric I just like the idea of using something that was gonna be discarded and definitely yeah you definitely want it to be stretchy jersey knit though yeah you think we just kept stuffing and stuffing and stuffing these things full of the polyfill we and I just like a half a box to do these 30 yeah we need some more I've seen them done with fabric and like regular cotton fabric and they just look kind of like lumpy I just feel like these are a little bit more organic looking with the sweater so I do like that and you there's like a ton of ways you could do this you could add some feathers or I mean you can dress it up or dress it down I think for farmhouse did you make it yep so I'll be sure to give us a thumbs up Zep showing her special thumb I don't know if they can see it from here he has one thumb that's a hammer thumb we'll get a close-up later special thumbs up and subscribe to jamie raven dish for more DIY wait don't leave because Zeb's gonna have some glamour shots of these pumpkins and you're gonna want to see him up close I got a new sweet lens thanks to Debbie from Debi's design diary she said to get a nifty 50 in class last week and I ordered one immediately so or have lots of fun playing with it also don't forget our patreon and then the doesn't Jamie Raven sitcom you

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  1. Adding rice or beans in first would weight them down and make them stand up better. Just a thought.

  2. I have mixed feelings about crafting with thrift store clothes. On the one hand, those are really cute. On the other…there are people who can't afford to shop anywhere else who could use a warm sweater (like the gray one). I used to think about buying wool sweaters at thrift stores to do felting projects, but I just could never get myself to do it. Oh, I bought the sweaters, but I couldn't "ruin" them. πŸ˜‰ So, I took them back as a donation. They really got their money's worth on me. ;)))

  3. It is such a great idea for upcycling old sweaters, you can use old fabric or left over pieces of fabric that are too small to use for anything.

  4. I love it but I can't truthfully go and pick out sweaters , nice ones. Because someone might need them maybe at the end of the season for next year but with winter coming I just can't. πŸ™

  5. OK. So how can I see what you guys have In your space. I tried to read your reply and it went somewhere else. The reply took me somewhere else. So you guys won't have pickings this weekend? I know you said Jeb videos you guy's space and what you guys have in your inventory. Is there anywhere I can go to see a video of what you have as far as small to medium items? I think the DIY Would be better paint for me. I think I remember you guys saying you can paint inside with it. Do you make candles Jami? soap?

  6. They came out cute the one with the mint green ca e out good to,πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»

  7. Yeah, my husband calls me his little pumpkin, ' at first I was a little upset (because I have gained weight and I don't know why guys, I think I'm going through menopause, I have hot flashes like crazy and I'm not as active as I used to be. I try. But I had surgery about 2 yrs ago and my energy levels have just bottomed out. Really bad.) He meant it in a good way, I didn't know at first. Then he says Your my baby pumpkin, he was using it as a term of endearment. So I came around quickly to it. He knows I'm self conscious about my weight and my hair graying. Ladies, we all know how that is. Men, in my opinion most of them look better as they age. We do too, but we have to do a lot more than they do. It's not fair,lol. πŸπŸŠπŸŠπŸŠπŸ’Ÿ! I love you guys. You both are Awesome!! God bless….πŸ™πŸ™‡

  8. I so wanted that mint stripped shirt to make a pumpkin. Did you make any Jami? If you did please show, if you are selling them, I want to buy. I wanted to see if you sold that shelf thing that had the wooden hooks. It was all wooden. I just was curious and also what you sold your little angel for? I'm in love with all the white you guys painted!! I love you guys….

  9. You crack me up!!! I was wondering how you liked the freezer candle with drawl I suggested? I had to get on a plane while I was waiting and didn't see the results πŸ™‚

  10. I just realized this was an old video. Jami I was looking for the mint sweater pumpkins. I never saw them. Let me know Central Standard time what time to watch you guys Friday and Saturday nights please. Also I need the link to see what you guys have in the shop!! Thanks so much. I love you guys. Louisiana!!

  11. Tyfs guys!! Jeb, you did great. Poor Jami, she's a trooper. She's tired but she pushed on. They came out great guys!! I really love them….. Amazing. β€πŸ’žπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸπŸ‚ God bless you guys!! Jami I tried to go to Molly's website so I could try and buy a few smalls, but I couldn't find your booth or how to find it. Please send me the website!! Thanks guys. Also when you guys go pickin, I want to join the fb live so I can purchase b4 they go to the store. I loved your angel you painted. I'm loving the white. I love the apothecary. OK. I'm confused, which paint should I buy the DIY, or the sweet pickins' ?? I just need a little help guys… thanks a bunch. I love you guys!

  12. So cute! Y'all are so cute! I'm from Texas and everything or everyone is a Punkin'!!! A term of endearment.

  13. Love it….esp. "pumpkin babies"! Sounds like something I'd say! Great collab…maybe my husband will do some crafts with me!!!!

  14. I would SOOO wear that gray sweater, and I hated seeing you cut it! 😬 But it made a GORGEOUS pumPkin…they're all beautiful and inspired me to make more. 😁 BTW…I'm twice your age and I've been up over 24 hours, so I feel your pain (well, I'm sure you're rested by now). πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks for the video! I found a great sweater at a thift store for $2. I've made 5 pumpkins and have to get more polyfil too. Love them!

  16. I'm having a Sunday matinee with Jami Ray, have missed a week's worth of your vid &having to catch up! cracking me up trying on those sweaters!!!!

  17. Very pretty diy pumpkins, You both did very good job. Thank you for sharing!β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  18. Those turned out super cute! I made similar ones last year, but used the legs from old old denim jeans and filled them with plastic grocery bags.

  19. So cute!!! I did them last year they were adorable!!! I got cable knit sweaters for a buck!!!! So glad you are back Jami, Jeb did a great job while you were gone!!! Hope you had a wonderful time!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  20. I really love these, you guys are cracking me up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm going too the thrift store tomorrow I REALLY love these OMG and it's so perfect cause in my country (Denmark) Halloween πŸ‘» is just now taking baby steps we really didn't know it from other than America so we do NOT have all that beautiful fall /harvest/Halloween decor 😭😫😭😫 imagine being a farmhouse chick (me) and watch allllllll the "come shop with me in " hobby lobby, homegoods, Michaels, marshals, jo Ann fabrics and the list goes on….OMG it's torture, so therefore thank you so much for this beautiful pumpkin πŸŽƒ idea πŸ’‘ LOVE IT 😍

  21. that gray with the studs/ mint stripped sweater so pretty to wearπŸ’—. I was cringing when you were cutting them😣,but pumpkins came out nice

  22. Your pumpkins are adorable and might even look cute perched on those beautiful chunky candleholder of yours.

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