How to make a Fabric Wreath for Next to Nothing

How to make a Fabric Wreath for Next to Nothing

hi welcome to my channel thank you so much for stopping by and please hit the subscribe button and thumbs up if you like this video today I'm making a fabric wreath I got this idea from minis mixed bag so this is a dupe I'm duplicating her idea making it my own she used a dust ruffle for her fabric that she found at the thrift store I looked at mine through a store and I didn't see a dust ruffle and then I thought wait hold on fabric I have a ton of fabric as you can see this is just part of it this wall is covered with fabric too so I'm going to use some of my stash needs to be used so I picked this fabric just because what was I thinking when I bought this what was I going to do with this all but I love the colors and I think this is going to make a really cute wreath and colors that I like and it's lots of different colors so I thought it would be kind of cute now I just went ahead and cut this up into squares 14 by 14 just like she did with her dust Ross dust ruffle and I ended up was very little left over so that was pretty good I ended up with the same amount 20 squares just like she did now the next step was to cut these in half so that's what I'm going to do next okay I also just like me I'm not going to measure this I'm just going to eyeball it I think this is going to get tied and it's not going to matter how perfect these little cuts are and that's easier huh I'm gonna stop for just a second and talk about how I'm tearing these I'm cutting on the grain the grain of the fabric is going this way not this way just kind of like the pattern is going this way I believe if I try to go against the grain I might just try just to see just to show you if you go against the grain I'll just do it on one piece it tears but it's not as easy it's kinda just doesn't work as good so if you're going to tear fabric I would suggest cutting on the grain that was easy next now it's time to tie the fabric onto the wreath and I'm following Mimi's instructions one of the things that she said to pay attention to is to make sure that all the knots are tied in the same exact direction so I just tied one whatever felt natural to me and I'm tying them all exactly the same so just tying them on and then squishing them together and hopefully this will fill up with beautiful fabric shall we try see what happens I hope it works out okay so I tied all my fabric on and I was squishing it down as per the directions and I think I squished it too much because I have some space left over so now I'm just going to finagle it around until I like it okay so I started to kind of spread them out a little bit and I also wanted to kind of tighten up each knot because it loosened up a little as I was spreading them around and I originally had tried to make all my knots right on the edge and so some of it was spilling to the back and I thought I pull him to the front just a little and I love how it turns out so I sort of twisted them so the whole knot and both tags both little tie ends would be in the front and I'm just super cute I love this so now I'm going to go look for something cute to put on it I don't have the cute little stars or any letters that I can put on it so I'm just going to go look it around and scavenge see what I can find that I already have here we go okay I picked a few things I have no idea if this will even work so I'm going to give it a try I found some cute little pink flower tea thingies little balls with green leaves and then I found these cute little green leaves that I had in my stash that are little butterflies so those are cute I have two of those so those are going to be my first choice and I think what I'm going to do is just cut them and just kind of stick them in that's my plan we'll see if it works not using my fabric scissors for that and it turned out release I think it turned out really cute so far but I just want a bow on this so I'm going to left a little space right here I'm going to tie a bow and I'm not great at both so hope that works also from my stash whatever this is that's how long it's going to be my fabric wreath you know what that just really didn't take long at all and it cost me $1 because I only had to buy the little thingy that it's tied to and I think this is going to look really cute on my front door so that's what I'm going to put it so if you want to make this same wreath and I missed any of the instructions go to Mimi's Channel and you'll see her instructions and between the two of us we will hook you up with a flower wreath so I love these colors I love this fabric actually ended up being useful so now I'm going to have to go look for more ideas to use up some of his other stash I've got to thinking I could go like a year and never buy anything because I've got so much stuff to use up I hope you enjoyed my fabric wreath video and I hope you enjoyed my finished product you

16 Replies to “How to make a Fabric Wreath for Next to Nothing”

  1. Pretty wreath! Was this cotton like quilting fabric or what kind of fabric please? TY for sharing with us.

  2. I love how it turned out! Wish you would have showed how you tied the knots. Do you think you can use silk fabric for it?

  3. How much fabric do you need to start with? I don’t have a stash and need to know how much to buy. How are the pieces tied on? Diagonally folded strips? Another way? I’m sorry for not catching these bits, but this neophyte crafter is a direction follower, not a very creative type.☺️Thanks!

  4. Very very cute! I love it, I’m going to the store today to get some fabric and I am going to make this! Thanks for sharing this

  5. Going to try making this. I bought 2 of the smaller wire wreaths from dt and going to use them. Got 2 for $1.00. Good deal… have to find the fabric in my stash. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Oh my Gosh it turned out adorable!! Isn't it funny knowing how you had that stuff all along just waiting to be transformed into something fabulous. I admire my fabric wreath every time I go in my back door. 😊❤️

  8. Yay! I hit subscribe! Super awesome, love those butterflies 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  9. I love how the leaves look like butterflies that is so cute and it turned out really great I am sending out positive energy and great vibes

  10. LOL, I was just thinking when you said you had to cut the 14 inch squares in half that you could rip them…and then you did! So much fun! xox

  11. Hi Stephanie
    Beautiful "dupe" love the colours so pretty! Thanks for joining me for some fun! Wishing you a Happy Day!

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