How to Make a Kids Superhero Costume | Parents

How to Make a Kids Superhero Costume | Parents

Make your child’s birthday party super special
with the simple homemade superhero costumes that little crusaders can customize themselves.
You’ll need adult sized t-shirts, self-adhesive felt, self-adhesive Velcro, stiff felt, one
1/4-inch elastic, scissors, glue and a mask template printed from First,
cut a cape shape out of the back of a t-shirt. Using the t-shirt’s neck band as the neck
band of the cape. Attach Velcro to either side of the neck band to create a fastener.
Next, cut out a bunch of self-adhesive felt shapes for each child to decorate his cape.
We made stars, lightning bullets, hearts and letters for the children’s names. If you like,
you can pre-glue pompoms to pieces of self-adhesive felt. Just dab a few dots of glue to the felt
and press it to the pompom. For the masks, print your templates and cut them out. Trace
the shape onto your stiff felt and cut out the mask face. Cut a piece of elastic and
attach it to the mask with squares of self-adhesive felt. On the day of the party, kids can decorate
their own capes and masks, creating their own superhero personas.

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