Hi everyone, it’s B! Wellcome to my YouTube channel Becky’s DIY
solutions. In this video I’m gonna show you how to
make a short sleeve kimono style cardigan like this. This cardigan style fits with almost each
outfit combination, you can wear it with casual clothes or even at the seaside if you make
it with a light fabric. And making this kimono cardigan is very easy
and it is absolutely perfect for you if you are especially beginner in sewing. So, let’s begin! To make this cardigan, you’ll need a big
piece of fabric. It can be each kind of fabric depending on
the style you wanna create. I used a non-elastic lace fabric which will perfectly fit for summer outfits. As a pattern, I used a simple slouchy sweatshirt. First, lay your fabric, fold it in half twice
like this and attach a couple of pins to avoid it from sliding away. Fold your sweatshirt in half like this and
place it over the fabric. Start cutting beginning from the neckline
and continue cutting until the end in a straight line by leaving 1 or 2 cm extra for the seam
allowences. For the sleeves, widen the armhole to shape
it as kimono style like this and then cut until the end in a straight line wherever
you want your cardigan end. I cut mine as being a little longer than the
knee size. Afterwards, cut the folded line at the end
of the armhole and take one piece to adjust the front neckline. Cut it like this to give it a V-neckline shape. I just eyeballed it, but you can measure as
you wish. Then, take the back and front pieces as right
sides together and pin them to each other on the shoulders and the 2 sides. Before you start sewing process, fold the
pieces in half again and cut from the folded line on the front side to make it as 2 pieces. Then, sew the pinned sides to each other and
make a zigzag stitch for the raw edges. When these parts are done, we will start hemming
all the sides by folding the edges inside twice as a last step. Before hemming the neckline, cut little parts
on the back neckline like this to make it smoothly. It is also better to pin these parts to avoid
mistakes during hemming process. After the hemming, iron all the edges you
just sewed to make it a better look and that’s it! Your kimono style cardigan is ready to wear! Thank you guys for watching this video and
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the next video, bye!

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  1. This is actually a good tutorial & the only one I did that came out semi right. However, need to know the width of the original fabric because once you fold it in half twice it wound up being too small on me, I couldnt even close. (Im a size 10). I would re-do this but do not want the same thing happening twice. Can you please give the original fabric width , would be so helpful. Thank you

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