How to Make a Little Black Dress | Teach Me Fashion

How to Make a Little Black Dress | Teach Me Fashion

This Little Black Dress is simple to make and can be worn with or without a belt. You could even use a satin sash if you wanted to around your waist. You will need to use a fabric the weight of crepe or lightweight wool. A stable woven fabric will give you the best result. Using sharp scissors notch all your seam, hem allowances and darts. Using a pin mark the point of both darts, if you find that difficult use a hand sewing needle and thread making sure you mark both darts points. If you have used a pin and you have pinned it from both sides, when you pull the center front apart, the pins will stay in position. Lift the pattern and pin the darts into position. Take the back pattern piece off and pin the center back from the split to the neck edge, right sides together. Take the pattern pieces from the facing and pin at the shoulders and the center back seam, with right sides together. Sew the darts from the outside edge to the point. Reverse the sewing machine directly over your stitching line to reinforce the point. You may like to just sew off the end of the dart and the machine naturally twists the thread so that it will stay in position. Sew the center back seam from the notch for the split to the neck edge. Neaten these seams using a slight zigzag. Make sure you neaten them separately, if you have an over locker you may choose to use that instead. You zigzag this seam seperately because there is a split at the back and you need to be able to press that seam open. Sew the shoulders of the dress with right sides together and repeat with the shoulders of the facing. No need to neaten these as they are covered by the facing. Don’t sew the side seams of the facing or the dress as yet, it is easier to put the facing onto the neck and armhole if you leave these seams open. Press the dart value down towards the hem and the center back and shoulder seams open, pressing as you go will give you a much neater and more professional finish. With right sides together pin the facing to the dress at the neck edge. Stitch the facing to the neck edge on the seam allowance line. Trim the seam allowance back. Turn through to the right side and edge stitch. Edge stitching is when you pull the seam open with the seam allowance sitting underneath it and stitch right on the edge. Have the seam allowance under the facing and stitch right on the edge of the neck edge seam, this helps hold the facing back when you turn it through. Press and pin the facing to the dress at the armhole. If there is any facing extending pass the dress armhole, trim it off to match. If you don’t do this the facing will roll out to the front. It is better if the facing is a little bit smaller than the dress, but cutting them to match will do. Now this is the tricky part! At the shoulder seam, fold the seam allowance of the facing and the dress in towards each other, and pin right on the very edge. You must pin right on the very edge. This pin will hold them together while you reach up between the facing and the dress towards the shoulder edge. Grab the seam allowance and pull it out to the outside. You will then be able to pin and sew the armhole from the shoulder to the side seam. Don’t sew all the way to the side seam, finish about 5 centimeters or 2 inches short, this is so we can finish off the side seam and the facing later. Trim the armhole seam allowance and pull back through so you have the garment and facing sitting as they will be when your dress is finished. Now reach up inside the facing and dress from the opposite side of the armhole, pull it out, pin and stitch through to the side seam, again leaving 5 centimeters or 2 inches short of finishing the seam. Trim the seam allowance and turn back to the outside, repeat this with the other armhole. Your facing is finished now and you can complete the side seams of the dress, and the side seams of the armhole and the last bit of the facing. So with right sides together stitch the side seams from the armhole to the hem and neaten and press open. Stitch the side seams of the facing and press open. Neaten these seams using a slight zigzag, make sure you neaten them separately, if you have an over locker you can use that instead. Complete the stitching of the facing to the armhole. Trim this area, and neaten the facing edge. You can also neaten the hem edge at this stage. I have neatened the seam by turning over about 1/4 centimeters/inch and using a straight stitch, to completely cover the raw edge, it gives you a much neater finish. Obviously, if you have an over locker you can use that. As you can see here it encloses the raw edge completely. Press what you have done so far. As you can see I am not using an ironing board for demonstration purposes, but you will find it much easier to press the armhole on the neck edge using the end of your ironing board to drape the neck and the armhole over it. Measure and pin up the hem, I prefer to hand stitch this hem but you may like to sew it. You can see I used a tape measure to check that the allowance is turned up evenly all the way around. When you measure and pin up the hem and get to the center back area where the split is, turn the hem up first and then press the split in, that puts the seam allowance of the split at the bottom of the hem, a much neater finish. You could make this dress in a floral fabric which would make it much more of a summer dress and not so much a little black cocktail dress. The pattern is very very versatile!

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  1. Does this dress have a zipper — I've fast forwarded through the video and cannot see one; but don't want to commit to buying the pattern if it has a zipper. Ta.

  2. Little black dress

  3. no you got it wrong, this is how you do it
    first you go rip rip rip
    Then you go snip snip snip
    Then you whip in a zip zip zip
    And split it up to the hip hip hip
    And as you strip strip strip
    You shiver, and quiver, for that soft caress
    As you slip slip slip
    Into that little black dress

  4. Wish you had a download for this lbd pattern!  Or just sell the patterns you feature, and we can sew with you. lbd pattern is not the same as this one you feature.  Thank you, love your videos, great work.  I see you do not use basting, is there a reason you prefer not to use this feature?

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