How to Make a Pilgrim Costume

How to Make a Pilgrim Costume

How to Make a Pilgrim Costume. Whether for a boy or a girl, a Pilgrim costume
is one of the easiest costumes to make. You will need A basic black outfit Black shoes
Thick white knee socks Several yards of white fabric or felt Scissors Needle and thread,
or a glue gun A white half-apron Four large gold buckles A top hat A plain black belt
A 36-inch white shoelace Gold spray paint (optional) and a white or black handkerchief
(optional). Step 1. Begin with a basic black outfit: An ankle-length,
long-sleeve, collarless dress or a plain skirt and top for a girl, and a long-sleeve shirt
and pants for a boy. Both should wear black shoes, preferably loafers. The boy’s pants should be thin enough to be
tucked into thick white knee socks. Step 2. Create collars out of white fabric or felt:
Measure the wearer from shoulder to shoulder across their chest, then map out a rectangle
on the fabric using this measurement as the height, and double it as the width. Step 3. Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half
towards you, horizontally. Mark a half circle along the fold approximately
half the size of the biggest part of the wearer’s head. Cut out this half circle; you should now have
a rectangle with a round hole in the center. Step 4. Cut out a narrow triangle at the front of
the collar. Sew or hot glue this collar onto the top of
the boy’s shirt or the girl’s dress or top. Step 5. Cut three-inch wide white cuffs out of the
fabric and sew or hot glue them onto the shirt sleeves. Add a white half-apron to a girl’s costume,
and tuck the boys’ pants into white, knee-high socks. Step 6. For a boy’s outfit, get four large, picture-frame
style gold buckles. If you can’t find gold ones, spray paint them. Put one on a plain black belt, glue one on
the front of each shoe, and glue one on the front of a top hat. Step 7. Cut a 16- by 16-inch piece of fabric and lay
it on a flat surface. Stretch the shoelace across the center horizontally. Affix it to the fabric with a few stitches
or the glue gun. Fold the fabric in half twice so you have
a square. Sew the side opposite the shoelace together;
this will be the back of the bonnet. You can also use a white or black handkerchief. Step 8. Shape the bonnet and use the shoelace to tie
it under the chin. That’s it! Now go find some turkey and cranberries! Did you know There was no dessert at the first
Thanksgiving because the Pilgrims had run out of sugar.

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  1. Why does everyone complain about Howcast videos? They're not THAT bad. Granted I don't want to know how to make a pilgrim costume – but if I ever did I'd know where to come

  2. America: the continent of patriotism
    Europe: the continent of history
    No offence to Americans, but it's true.

  3. THANK YOU!!! It really helped me…this year my thanksgiving project will be awsome, and parents will love having a pic.. of their child!!!

  4. You do realise that these costumes are some sort of fantasy and that the real pilgrims would have laughed at these costumes….

  5. This video guide was very helpful. Now, I know how to make a pilgram costume for my son who is in kindergarten and needs it for school.

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