How To Make A Poodle Skirt | 1950’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME 📍 How To With Kristin

How To Make A Poodle Skirt | 1950’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME 📍 How To With Kristin

the first thing we have to do is figure
out the waist size we’re going to cut so my daughter is 21 inches but that we
have to add to its 23 and then we’re going to divide it by 6.28 and that
gives us a 3.6 so roughly three and a half inches so now i’m going to measure
out three and a half inches on both sides now you want to draw a line going
all the way across if it’s easier you can use a bowl and
just line up until the dots meet on the bowl and then you’re just going to draw
a line going around now we’ll measure out the length what I always do is start
with the longest length i can possibly do because you can always cut it shorter
so this will allow me to do roughly 19 inches so i’m going to do a 19 inch
circumference around I find that when you space them about two inches apart it
works a lot better because you can easily follow the line when you’re
cutting the material now we’re going to cut each piece you’re cutting the top it
really doesn’t matter if the line is visible but when you start cutting along
the bottom you do want to make sure you’re cutting inside the line to the
markers not visible as you can see we now have our circle skirt i have my
piece that was cut at 21 inches and I’m going to start by pinning this right at
the crease so I’m just going to pin that now we’re going to go down about maybe
two inches and i’m just going to put a little pinch in it and just fold it over you really don’t need to fold it over
that much just a very small amount and then I can pin the next section to that
and then I’m going to go get another couple inches give a little pinch and
pin that and we’re going to just keep going around the entire skirt go ahead and open that we’ve got it all
the way around and it’s a little bit cramped around the edges before I so it
if it seems a little bit too tight you can just loosen up and maybe just do a
little crimp every other pin you’re going to trace the cutout of the
poodle and i’m using a white crayon that will actually show up on it so you’re
just going to trace the entire thing and now you’re just going to cut out the
pattern then once you cut it out you just flip it over so you don’t see any
of those white lines and now we’re going to add some jewels to it now I’m going
to flip over the cutout and i’m going to start gluing all of the edges then
you’re going to press firmly to make sure all of the glue is a heating to the
skirt for more effect you can get some ribbon and glue it to the dog and then
just wait back and forth until you get to the top of the band I’ve also cut out
some musical notes and glued these down as well I now everything glued down and
I’ve completed my fifties poodle skirt thanks for checking out my channel and
watching this video you want to see what I’m going to post next don’t forget to
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25 Replies to “How To Make A Poodle Skirt | 1950’S HALLOWEEN COSTUME 📍 How To With Kristin”

  1. Did you sew the elastic on to the felt with a zigzag Stitch because at first I was gonna do that but I was having issues with my felt getting caught in the machine as I was sewing it….so then I used a straight stitch but it has no stretch I don't know what to do.

  2. if you have a 4.3 waist when it is folded and 23 inches going down how many yards of fabric do you need??
    what if you have a 3.7 inch and 20 inch going down? how much fabric then?

  3. Thank you for the video.. curious why did you pleat it if it's cut to the waist measurement? Wouldn't it be too tight? Thanks 😉

  4. I’m confused as to where you got the number 6.28.. where did that number come from? And if my waist size is 28, would I divide 30 by 6.28, or would I divide by a different number?

  5. I watched your video multiple times, it's great, however I just cut the skirt out and pinned the elastic, (for an adult skirt with a 46 (48) inch waist, what I didn't see in the video was how you sewed the elastic on. Can you help?

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