How to Make a Scarf Neck Cardigan DIY

How to Make a Scarf Neck Cardigan DIY

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  1. Love this tutorial. I haven't been sewing very long but I believe I can make this. Thanks for sharing Mark😀

  2. Really enjoyed this right to the point video. It gave me the inspiration to revamp a sweatshirt the same way that turned out so cool. What kind of scissors are you using? Have you ever made a tailor's ham or wrist pincushion yourself? Would love to see video tutorials on those.

  3. Love this, can't wait to do this with woolens (San Francisco is a bit cooler than SoCal)!  I'd ask why people would dislike any of your videos, but as long as the likes far outnumber the dislikes who cares?

  4. I love the way your mind works, you have some awesome upcycling  ideas. You make it look  easy because  it is simpler than  starting fresh.

  5. That's an awesome idea. I have a sweater lying around here somewhere, that I never wanna throw out, but also don't wear. This way I can make it into a cool cardigan, and also it's super easy. Great first step to get back into sewing 🙂

  6. thank you great! very nice tutorial precise to the point easy to follow instructions. love the grey thanks again sir for your expertise

  7. I'm a big old girl. Petite 5'1 size 24/26W. (short & fat) LOL Would I still only need one yard for the sweater part? I carry a lot of weight in my butt and boobs. Any help would be appreciated. 

  8. Hey Mark! Thanks so much for all the vids, they are great! Something my Mom always done with the raw edge was zigzag it with a contrasting color-this makes a frilly, or curly edge. Have you tried this? Thanks again! Beth

  9. I notice you pin  and sew the scarf part inside the tshirt.  I wonder how it'd look sewn to the outside………..  Do you think it makes much difference?  Thanks for the brilliant tutorial and idea!

  10. You can use extra tees to make the scarf part, too. Just cut across under the arms and you should have enough fabric.

  11. Okay, this is beyond the valley of the cool. I have so many shirts with splotch marks on the front( so I'm messy) and I hate to throw them away.I am not much of a sewer but this was easy as pie.

    Thank you again Mark for another stunning project.

    BTW, I love your precise instructions and sensa yuma! :>)

  12. Ooh really? I think if you just take your time you'll be able to do it! It's really just sewing a long rectangle up and around a neckline. You could skip the pockets, if you think they might be too hard?

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