How-to Make a Summer Dress, Threadbanger

How-to Make a Summer Dress, Threadbanger

Hey there DIYers. Alright, so last week Megan wrote in asking us about shirr clothing But before we show you how to do it, we’re here at Mood Fabrics, we’re gonna take a look around and teach you A little bit about Grain hide. There’s a lot of different types of fabric out there, different fibers, different weaves, some knits Heavy, light, loose, tight..but To explain the grain, we’re gonna focus on plain weave cotton Woven fabric is made on a loom The vertical threads that’ll stretch taught on the loom are the warp threads, also known as lengthwise grain The threads that are woven horizontally through the warp threads are called weft threads, also known as the crosswise grain The selvage is the uncut edge of the fabric which is on the right and lefthand edges as it comes out of the loom This edge wont fray because the weft threads double back on themselves Here we see the selvage in it’s natural environment The lengthwise grain has little to no give Where as in some cases the crosswise grain has a lot of give The bias is anything that’s diagonal to the selvage. A true bias is at exactly 45 degree angle to the selvage Alright so now that we know a little bit about grain lines, we’re gonna head back to the workshop and shirr it up First, you’re gonna need to get yourself some elastic thread Take out a bobbin and hand wind the elastic around the bobbin Put the bobbin in your machine and use normal sewing thread for the top thread Set your machine to a straight stitch and put it on the longest length possible My tensions automatic but you may need to lower it just a bit Alright, let’s test it on the scrap Slowly start sewing and make sure to lock your stitches or the elastic will pull right out Sew all the way to the other side, lock your stitches and take a look Sew more rows about 1/2 an inch apart from each other to create that awesome shirr effect. Use your presser foot as a guide I made a very simple rectangle pattern using my bust measurement for the width and measuring from my armpit to 2 inches below the knee for the length Now take out your fabric and iron it I lined the top of my pattern to be parallel with the crosswise grain It’s very important how you place your pattern pieces on fabric for the right fit and drape of a garment Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut around the pattern Repeat so you have 2 pieces Place them right sides together, pin, and sew down one side Just make sure you have a regular thread in the bobbin and a shorter stitch length Press the seam and sew down both sides Next add a hem to both the top and bottom of the garment Put the elastic thread bobbin back in your machine Do about 20 rows of shirring Place right sides together and sew the other side of the garment closed Press the seams and sew down both sides Lastly cut a long 1 1/2 long wide strip, press it like so, and sew around all the edges Fold the strap in half like this and sew it together, then sew sew it to the front top middle of your garment And you have a new shirred summer dress Hey guys its, it’s another one of my, you know, ThreadBanger videos Today, I started making a homemade screen print. I finally finished my shirt It’s two bunnies, one is pink and one is orange. I reused one of my old ID cards from grade 7 To spread the stuff around, I didn’t waste much. I’m currently starting my second stencil Which is going to be a skull design. I have a lot of blank hoodies and tops and stuff like that So I’m going to use those to decorate them, my style instead of buying somebody else’s Thanks ThreadBanger! Lots going on over in the forums Checking in on the Tutorial Lab we got some cool creations like this one From pin_over_party who shows us how to make a pant leg vest out of some old jeans Long time ThreadBanger OutsaPop posted a tutorial on how to make her super cool Zipper Couture necklaces And leave it up to forum member Crazy_Lady1234 to show us all how to make a sewing basket completely out of Popsicle sticks Over on the Project boards Israelrelfos finally found a great way to bring back flannel with this ultra cool flannel hoodie Naughty Opossum made his friend a pair of PJs for his guitar Groovyholly made her son this awesome poolside robe from all the old towels she had lying around Samisue took the que from our previous flip flop episode and made herself a pair from her old yoga mat With some simple modifications And we’ve gotta give it up to glass_onion for one of the coolest corporate recons we’ve ever seen This aberzombie sweater is awesome Got something you’ve made? Come on over to the ThreadBanger forum and get to posting Hey everyone, that’s it for this week Check back next week for a very special lesson from one of our very own ThreadHeads Plus, another huge announcement from ThreadBanger and Jenome See you guys then

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  1. @xTheAnimalsx Yeah tonight I'm going to take my measuring tape and check. Thanks for that idea. I may go that route. Trial and Error … Trial and Error lol

  2. @crit1227
    lol glad i could help a bit 🙂
    i don't even really like dresses like this because they dont look good on me so im gonna make one for my sister 😛

  3. OMG….guys…you made it look so easy… im gonna go and try it my self….tnx for the tip…very nice

  4. This is a great tutorial, for the how-to-shirr part alone! This is the first time I've seen such an easy way to shirr – no fancy foot or machine!

  5. awesome dress, but if I'm making it, I need to do some modifications, my ass is a lot wider that my boobs 😛

  6. OMGosh….too cute & U made that look so easy. I did not know that we could put elastic thread in the bobbin…just learned something new. THANKS!!

  7. You k ow I saw this done on Martha Stewart and there is so many details on the instructions that were not given. I love you guys! You never fail to provide all the small details that help us succeed! THANKS!!!

  8. Gah! I am using a pattern that has a waist sewn with shirring but my shirring is either a) not stretchy at all or b0 the top thread is super loose on the bottom. Can anybody help me?

  9. I LOVE IT!. Made one for my daughter. I'm pregnant, so it's gonna be PERFECT for when I get my baby bump. Thx!

  10. If you want to shirr like this make sure you follow what she says. I didn't cut out two patterns because I thought that would just be double. The shirr makes it a LOT smaller. -.- But I still made an awesome top!

  11. @AxLyricsHQ2 Basically you need twice your bust, by the total length of the garment. I make my daughters dresses like this but I use one piece, with the seam at the back.

    When I first shirred, I took a test piece, shirred a few lines and compared the before and after sizes. I found that an 8" scrap made a 4" shirr.

    Checkout other shirr videos to find out hints and tips.

  12. @Gabalahh When I shirr, to lock my stitch I do 4-5 backward then forward stitches on my almost shortest stitch length (I have a 0, where the feed dogs don't move or a 1 where the stitches are very small). This locks my stitches, then I do the row of shirring with my longest stitch length (4), then lock the end with length 1 stitches.

  13. You might want to mention that after sewing down all the elastic thread you want to hit it with a little steam from the iron. Not actually iron it, but hover over it while the iron shoots down the steam. It fully activates the elastic and draws in the shirring.
    I really like this. I got some silky white satin and made myself a cute summer night gown using this method. Thank you.

  14. @Vampkiki I do but not by much. I wrap it as if I was wrapping cotton back on by hand.
    Each machine is different and one setting for one machine can be different for another. I was lucky that I found my settings straight away. If it doesn't work, change one thing at a time, like your tension, or how tight you wind the bobbin. Some machines like the bobbin wound by machine instead of by hand. Try a long stitch length with a hand wound bobbin first.
    Message me if you need more help.

  15. I don't get it.. I didn't understand what was going on all the time, since the film clips were so close to the fabric.. I just couldn't figure out where she was sewing xD T^T
    Maybe it's easier if I try it myself (which I really want to do.. I just need a sewing machin first)
    The finished dress looks amazing! 😀

  16. pretty, im makin this for my Fashion class now :), i jus needed ah lil video of how to make the halter strip thing like dat way ..

  17. I love this dress!!!! I tried making it and it looks amazing!!!!! Mine is orange and very beachy!!

  18. wuauuuu!!!!!exelente me encantan son increibles gracias por sus videos es el primero que veo y me encantaron.gracias y saludos desde mexico..

  19. Hi, Just discovered your video it is amazing! I would like to know what size sewing machine needle I need for the elastic to go through. Thanks

  20. You only use the elastic on the bobbin, if I understood it correctly. So it is not supposed to go through the needle. Use ordinary sewing thread on top:-)

  21. Love this one soo much totaly the type of dress I've been looking forward to making thanx soooo much for posting this video! awesomeness!

  22. Wow this is so nice what you've made! Quick question. Sewing together two pieces of fabric the width of the bust makes it twice as wide. Does it make the dress too big and loose or does the extra allow for the shirred part? Thanks!

  23. Im trying to make this dreas but when i measure the 36 on both pieces big… Help please

  24. I am lying in bed and the dress this woman is wearing is the same material as my bed sheets! The exact same patten! Sorry but no, just no.

  25. firstly, its called saving our planet, and secondly , "this woman " has a name , she is Corinne. so sorry but yes, just yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. any fabric is fine i use a old bed sheet work wondefully
    just dont use knitted or jersy fabrics un les your an experinced sewer

  27. it is the metal foot that you lower on top of the fabric when using the sewing machine. you can use the edge of it to keep the fabric going in a straight line. hope this helps.

  28. Thank you for this! I made a nightgown out of some fabric given to me that I had no use for. Plus I learned how to work with elastic thread. Level up!

  29. @ThreadBanger Hello and thank you for this wonderful video! I do have a question however, i have some fabric that I want to use and would like to know what can I use to add to it that would stop it from looking see through? basically the material is thin and kinda light. Please help 🙂

  30. My elastic keeps bunching up on the back instead of looking straight like yours. How can I fix this?

  31. Why when shirring does my elastic thread keep coming through the top of my fabric ? And my fabric keeps bunching in the back. Do you have any suggestions to fix this ?

  32. This is fantastic! Thank you for the fun and informative post .

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