How to Make A True Scrappy Quilt

How to Make A True Scrappy Quilt

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And the quilt behind me is a true scrappy quilt. What makes it a scrappy quilt is, well, just that you get to use up all of your scraps, regardless if you think they're going to match. Now this quilt was worked on by at least four different women, because you can tell by the hand stitching, and I've named it after my grandmother, who would never have seen a scrap go to waste, named Margaret. Let's make a true scrappy quilt. None of the patches match. The only thing that matches is the size: 2" by 3½". So whenever you finish a project, you just need to take all the scraps and cut them to 2" by 3½". So an easy way to cut them all together is to have them all pressed. And try to have two edges that are the straightest out of the pile, and then from there just match up the edges. And they don't have to be exact because you're going to be trimming them. So I will just keep using this corner and place them as close as I can to that corner. And I'm not worried about the edges because they will just be discarded. Just keep piling on the one corner, and it doesn't matter the shape. Just have the corner and stack up about four to six layers. Whatever you feel comfortable cutting. So once I have the stack done. I'm going to just straighten one edge. And I'm going to take a peek and make sure that all of my fabric edges are on the outside so that they will be trimmed off. The next edge to straighten is the other edge that you were following, that corner. So line it up on your ruler. Make sure all of the pieces of fabric are sticking out, and straighten it up. Now I have two corners that are nice and straight. From there I'm going to be able to cut 2" strips and then take the 2" strips and cut them into 3½" pieces. And once you have them all cut up, you're going to be able to go through and you will see which ones have made the cut, and just put them in a bin and you will just be able to see as you go along which pieces are going to make it and which are not. And when you have all your strips cut, toss them up. Now when you go to the sewing machine, the hardest part is going to be trying 𝒏𝒐𝒕 to match them up. So take your two pieces, match up right sides together and sew a quarter inch along the long side. And you'll basically keep going until you've done the whole basket. So when the two pieces are sewn together, just with your fingers—you don't need to do this with an iron— just press the seams towards the dark side. And I do this right at the machine. So I'm going to have two pieces, and I'm going to take the next two pieces and I'm going to put them together. So the pieces are going to go lengthwise and widthwise because when you sew the two pieces together, 2", it will equal 3½", which is the length. So those two will go together. And stitch down. So now you're going to have a whole stack that looks like this. And with that you'll make another block. You'll just take it and twist it and they will go together. So you're not going to have a seam matching up here. None of the seams around the outside are going to match; just the center. so when you have the eight pieces sewn together it should equal 6½". From there you're going to be able to sew them together in long rows. Now as you're sewing them together you might find that you have some blocks that are going in opposite directions, and when you go to put them together the opposites are not going to be here. They seem to want to match. Well, instead of having to take this block apart, you're just going to take another block that you've already sewn with your four pieces and you will sew it in-between as you do your rows. And when the next row matches, it's going to match up fine. And you're just going to keep sewing them together until you get to the size that you want. The whole key is to make sure that the strips are not matching up. What's really nice about this is you can use any fabric even if they don't match because the overall effect will just be a scrappy, old-fashioned-looking quilt. Now if you don't like scrappy, you can make this in a controlled color setting. This had six fabrics: Three solids and three prints, and it was strip-pieced. So no matter which way you do it, it's a fun and quick quilt. Now if you like the idea of a scrappy quilt, and maybe you don't have enough scraps to make scrappy quilt, it's a good opportunity to get together with your friends, sit around a circle, put all of your 2" by 3½" strips in the center, mix them up and everybody draw from the center. Now that would be a fun scrappy quilt. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let's see what we're sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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  1. Does it matter that the first two pieces are both dark or both light? To me they should be high contrasts the quilt doesn’t look muddy.

  2. I just saw another video where one doesn't need to cut all of the scraps the same size and it looked beautiful. Just pick up a scrap, sew it on and trim off the rest of the material. Then continue with the rest of the project. It gives the quilt a more interesting and professional look.

  3. Thank you so much ma'am.
    You're always teaching easy technique, making it very simple for a new comer like me. Great.
    Have a wonderful day!!💐💐💐

  4. I’ve made three of these for car quilts for my sister, niece and nephew. (It gets cold in Alberta in the winter!)They didn’t cost me a penny as I even pieced batting and backing. Of all the quilts I’ve made, my friends and family all want the scrappy ones! They have such a nostalgic look.

  5. Love your videos! I made the scrappy quilt last month – it is so colorful – I call it my happy scrappy quilt! Thank you for sharing the idea on how to use all the bits of material left over from other projects.

  6. Great video and definitely inspiring. I have all of my 6 inch squares sewn together but am having trouble making sure that the two 2" match up with the one 3.5 inch. No matter which way I turn them, it doesn't work out. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Thank you Laura for this video. I was given a box of vintage fabric that belonged to a lady who never threw away her scraps. I wondered what I would do with the I know! lots of small scale floral prints and some plaids. so much fun!

  8. That's really cool. You made quilting look easy and fun. Until viewing this video, quilting looked quite intimidating.

  9. l did it! First quilting project ever and only stroller-sized but it looks fantastic – from a distance..
    All the fabrics were different weights and the stitching is far perfect but I learned a lot and enjoy every minute of it.
    Plus the imminent great granddaughter gets a unique gift that reflects the conventional preference of her mother on the top (baby pinks and blues) but also dad's gothic aesthetic (Dia de Muertos) on the back.
    So sincere thanks for your skill and generosity in sharing it.

  10. This is definitely a thing I'll do. Bet it's stress free and all the endorphins will released when making one… my therapist said to me the other day; "do something to spoil yourself!" 😊🌸💕

  11. Hi Laura, how many strips do I need to cut to make a large quilt? I’m very new to this and can’t figure out how many I need. Thank you

  12. This is the best scrap quilt “pattern” I have seen‼️ Your tutorials are fantastic and i feel you’ve become my quilting mentor 😊
    I made a mistake and cut my scraps 2×4” and then was relieved that all I have to do is trim them down.
    Thank you so much Laura! You’re the Best! Cathy

  13. I think this, will be an easy way to make an I spy quilt as I have loads, of novelty print fabric, will probably do 2.5 inches by 4.5, so I can include some jelly roll ends.

  14. okay so ima try this but i dont have a sewing machine…….so i guess im attempting to hand sew this whole thing :/ wish me luck

  15. I enjoyed learning how to cut them and how you make it a truescrap quilt! love hpw you teach! excellent!

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