How to Make a Werewolf Costume: Part 2

How to Make a Werewolf Costume: Part 2

How to Make a Werewolf Costume: Part 2. You’ve followed Part 1 and made the head. Now it’s time to create a beastly body. You will need Enough blocks of craft foam
to cover your hands, feet, and legs Scissors Black tool dip Hot glue Baseball batter’s
gloves 8 large craft foot claws or acrylic nails Fake fur A utility knife 10 medium-size
craft finger claws or acrylic nails A needle and thread A pair of low-top shoes without
shoe laces Thermal underwear or tights An old long-sleeve button-down shirt An old pair
of jeans or slacks A helper and an electric knife (optional). Step 1. Cut small blocks of foam and trim the foam
with scissors to resemble paw pads and stubby joints. Paint the paw pads with with black tool dip. When dry, hot glue the paw pads to the fingers
and palms of a pair of baseball batter’s gloves. Step 2. Cut a slit in the foam on top of each finger
and hot glue the claws or acrylic nails into them. Step 3. Make a pattern out of the fake fur to fit
the back of your hand. To cut the fake fur, place it fur-side down
on a hard surface and use a utility knife. Step 4. Cut out the fur pattern and hot glue it to
the back of the gloves, taking care to butt the fur up against the pads. Use the scissors to style the fur. Step 5. Make the arms. Measure and cut two pieces of fur to fit your
arm pieces. Then, sew up the seams. Try the suit on with the mask periodically
to make sure the proportions are correct. Step 6. Trim four blocks into the shape of large werewolf
toes. Fit and glue the blocks to the tip of each
shoe. Cut a slit and glue a claw or acrylic nail
into each toe. Glue strips of fur to the shoes and toes. Step 7. Build the legs. Trim two large foam blocks into a half teardrop
to form the thighs, and two small blocks of foam to cover the knees. Trim two more large blocks to form calf muscles
that angle out from your ankles to the backs of your knees. Glue the foam blocks to the to the front of
the thighs and back of the calves of thermal underwear or tights. Use an electric knife to cut and shape the
foam blocks. Step 8. Cut and tear the sleeves of an old button-down
shirt and the legs of a pair of pants. Cut the torn pants so they fit over the padded
knees. Step 9. Cut strips of fur to cover your legs from
the bottom of the pant legs to just past the ankles. Attach the fur to the leggings with low-heat
glue and let it dry. Step 10. Assemble the costume. Put on the feet so that the leg fur drapes
over the tops of the shoes. Next, put on the arms, then put on the over
shirt with the torn sleeves. Have a friend fasten the buttons. Finally, put on the head. And spread some Halloween terror! Did you know Costumes account for more than
a billion dollars of total Halloween sales.

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  1. hehe i like the voiceover guy when he says "utility knife":D as 4 the Costume,not bad i thought it was well proportioned well proportioned and the legs looked good

  2. NICE!! I was wanting to make furry gloves for cosplay — I never thought about using ladies' false nails for claws … keep posting these!

  3. make the head, hands and feet. cover the rest of you with long sleeves and long pants. it would be so much easier

  4. BOO it looks terrible well its well made but come on its alot of money your spending and its not as good as gypherns i like hers al it needs though is pointed ears like this but i say still that hers is best sorry 😛

  5. I've made only the legs part of the costume (cause I want to be in half transformation) and it has only cost me about $25 bucks. If you shop smart, you can save. Plus, there aren't any werewolf costumes for girls out there, so this is my only choice. I'm gonna look soooo much better than if I had overpaid for a crap costume at the store

  6. I like this tutorial!Although it could use some cool Kassi-fied modifacations…;) and also to MsDanRadcliffe, you are exactly right. When I was 9 I had to make my own werewolf costume (with one old plush toy and some old clothes) and last year I kicked it up a notch and used a prostetic and fake claws.

  7. this is cool but i must say, i think my favorite fursuit was a quadsuit by theBeastcub of a sabertooth… but this is rlly cool! i'm gonna try and make a dinosaur over thye summer. watch for my vids and tell me wat u think!!


  9. @MovieMaker20101 Well, most werewolf costumes out there to buy are either not very good, or way too expensive. Also, I've only found one costume anywhere to buy that has the leg effect, and it's 200 frikin dollars.

  10. This is exactly what I need, how to attach the fur to the pants, I am making a satyr costume and this has been VERY helpful!

  11. And Also #Happy Halloween
    Trick Or Treat. Hahahahahahah 😀 Gotaa Go Bye Bye Thanks For The Idea…? 🙂

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