How to Make a Zombie Costume : How to Apply White Makeup to a Zombie Costume

How to Make a Zombie Costume : How to Apply White Makeup to a Zombie Costume

Hello! I’m Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m here today to show you how to make a zombie costume. Alright, now that we’ve let our latex
application dry, we’re ready to start applying our first layer of makeup. Make sure and apply
all of your latex before you put any makeup on, because it’s one of those situations where
you don’t want the latex on top of makeup. It will not adhere as wel. To get started
on the makeup, we’re going to start off with the base layer of white. By base layer I mean
we’re only going to very lightly apply this makeup to the face. This is not a clown, this
is not a mime. we do not want a solid layer of white. What we want is more of a pillar
on the face. We’re going to start applying it. You may think oh my goodness this is really
thick, but we’re going to spread out this paint across the entire face. Basically, picking
away from it, dabbing with sponge. Again, take this up and start extending it around.
We’re going for pale, we’re not going for white. One of the biggest mistakes zombies
I always see is you have a zombie there and half the people think it’s like a dead clown
or something rather than a zombie because the person has put on way too much white and
they basically look as if they’ve put on makeup. A zombie should look pale and dead not as
if they’ve had any makeup on. The overall white effect as a pale one and it’s a subdued
effect. The other colors that we’re going to be putting on the face here in a bit are
more pronounced than the white is. They’re sort of the main shell. The white is only
in the background. It is not going to be the main attraction on the makeup on the face.

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  1. Wow that's a pretty terrible way to use liquid latex. Id rather just use it on some toilet paper so your cut has like hanging skin and shit. (Which happens to be what I am currently wearing right now, lol halloween parties ftw) peace!

  2. @dwain1100 Latex is more clinging to makeup than naked skin. Therefore it will show up 1000 times better than if you left it alone on skin,

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