How to Make a Zombie Costume : How to Select Clothing for Zombie Costumes

How to Make a Zombie Costume : How to Select Clothing for Zombie Costumes

Hello! I’m Matt Cail on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m here today to show you how to make a zombie costume. The nice thing about a zombie costume
is after you have all your makeup supplies to go, you probably spent most of the money
you’re going to need on a zombie costume because next we’re going to go over to the thrift
store. Hit a local thrift store, and this is going to be where you get your zombie gear
getup. I recommend first off getting an older pair of pants. All of the colors you’re going
to use in the zombie are going to be very neuted. The only really flashy parts in the
zombie are the gore. The rest is very subdued. Every single color you have is going to have
a lot of grays in it. It’s going to have a very decayed effect. The first thing we’re
going to do is pants, which these pants are gray and are going right in the direction
I’m talking about. Next, you’re going to need an undershirt. Just as long as it’s long sleeved
and again, doesn’t have lots of bright flashy colors. That’ll meet our purposes. All this
clothing just has to generally fit. It’s actually even better if it doesn’t fit perfectly because
again, a zombie would have been in the ground for a while, some decomposing, and the body
would have changed it’s proportions a bit. Actually ruffled, lumpy clothes are very good.
Lastly, get an over coat. Get a cheap blazer or overcoat. Both of them are fine. Most people
are buried in finer clothing rather than just their Sunday gear. A nice overcoat will provide
a layered effect. Also will allow us to some more gore and different layers so that it
doesn’t think you have an outside blazer and everything’s normal underneath. No, this zombie
gear is going to be very layered and you’re going to have a lot of different clothes and
really a matching outfit that you’re going to have as your zombie.

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  1. @smitty73197 your a nob zombies do not even exist so maybe they do come out of the ground secondly your not a zombie "expert" you probably have seen movies like resident evil when its caused by chemicals and third of all you sound like a major fag thinking he knows every thing so don't rant on this guy!

  2. using human psychology and all known parameters i will answer, for the girl nothing will look scarier in my opinion than a WHITE BLOOD STAINED dress, and then you could spruce that up a bit with blood on her mouth, and as for the boy, i would go for a mini tuxedo drenched in blood and torn apart, that is if you want cute, but if you want scary for the boy, i wold recommend typical clothes simply weathered and blood stained, a white t-shirt and jeans would be great

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