How to make an Alternate Attire in WWE 2K16

How to make an Alternate Attire in WWE 2K16

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  1. For custom characters first you need to click on the character and press copy attire and then edit the new attire

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  3. To change attire name, you go to name information, then go to name, and choose the attire name, then it will ask you to use the attire name you created as the the of the superstar/diva and etc. press no, and there you have it.

  4. Question: as u make that alternative attire can u switch back or more attire that was previous made without remaking the previous attire? please help.

  5. Hey I tried this and it takes the spot of a created wrestler and it's overall goes to 76. It is not linked to the original wrestler. PLease help

  6. How can we make attires that we downloaded from community creations as alternative attires? I downloaded some cena attires but they show up as different superstars

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