23 Replies to “How to Make an Astronaut Costume – Easy DIY Halloween | Care.com”

  1. fire in space ? if you have done even alittle research you would know that space has no air and you need air for fire.

  2. This is great! Thanks for making this video. For anyone criticizing her, this is not a tutorial on how to make a realistic astronaut costume. It is how to make an easy DIY costume which is valuable to a lot of people who don't have the money or expertise to make something complicated or maybe even for someone who wants to make a costume with things they have at home on a snow day or something.

  3. This is amazing!
    My small sister has to go as an astronaut tomorrow and this video helped me loads! Thank you <3

    The material was easy to get, easy to set up and looks amazing! 

  4. this is an amazing and great idea! No matter what people say you are very creative and wonderful! I am doing this with my students at my work and I think they will love it! Thanks for the idea and you keep them coming because no matter what people say, the kids will love them and how amazing they are!!! It takes lots of guts to put something on youtube and you keep it coming because you are amazing at what you do!! 

  5. Thanks so much!
    I've been searching the net for way to make an easy astronaut costume for my son, but couldn't figure it out. (Was getting way to complicated in my head!)
    That is perfect. 🙂

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