How to make Attire Logos for WWE2K19 Pt 2

How to make Attire Logos for WWE2K19 Pt 2

okay guys so now that we're like in game and we've inputted our logos um I'm just gonna start putting the logos over the bodysuit and showing you how I fixed up some things that might have got messed up between like the spacing and the canvas size and all the other jazz and just how I make basic guitars and um I hope you guys enjoy I don't know if I'm gonna speed this up or not but yeah cuz thank you for watching this it's part two I'm gonna link part one in the description box and yeah if you have any questions just put it in the comments below thank you guys for watching I feel the pain crashing down this empty town I'm searching through the lost and found but you don't care you're on the web keep moving it's in the air like a blazing flare I gave you everything how close by the stormy seas oh you meant the words you you cry for me indeed you never here when I'm in pain you didn't disappear like shadows in then I miss fear charlie I prayed for you thank you when you love me helpful us because I believe the homeless you no point in blaming you you did not know okay guys so this is the final result that I have it's just something simple I didn't try to go over the top I wanted to make something very like basic so you guys you know have an easy guy to go over and this isn't like all that but it's just something to know have something keep you pretty – to follow so yeah you have any questions just leave them in the comments below and tell me what you think I didn't thank you for watching I'm sure like um I

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  1. Yessss sis love how u helping the community and everything ❤, At least u have the time and day to help ppl, and some ppl are just ungrateful, keep doing u and helping other's ❤😘

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