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  1. Jack I know this is a old video I was doing some research on char cloth mixed with flint rifle powder and noticed you don't have to put the bandanna in your canteen you could have put in the cup long as the canteen and cup fit snug.just a thought I'd share with us it does work good still have to consume the water .Peace Pops Bushcraft

  2. In the summer this past year when I started into all this, you were one of the first guys I came across online, I think I may have commented on one or 2, I was pretty quiet then…. know my role – learn first, speak 2nd LOL. You continue to be one of my TRUSTED sources to learn from online. Great video on cross platform stuff and sources, another quality learning tool put out by you, and thank you for all you do. Your Canadian friend, BD. (:

  3. I made char cloth by using an altoids tin. A pinhole in the front part of tin, just before the lid is fully closed. When the smoke stops, close the lid and remove from the fire. Keep up the videos. Thank you.

  4. Thank you! I requested a video on making char cloth not too long ago because I didn't know what it was and had never seen it made or used in a practical application. You got to it quickly. Much appreciated! One question… You don't mention why there is a hole in the tin. Is that to allow air in? Smoke out? I guess a better question would be what is the ideal type of container to make char cloth in?

  5. 1. If the charcloth gets wet, highly likely in rainy conditions, will it still light?
    2. Can you use a damp bandana to make charcloth?

  6. J.R.- Your most in-depth video that I have seen so far. Great presentation and execution for proof! I probably would have overlooked using my canteen set. Thank you once again!

  7. Great tutorial on making Char Cloth! I made my first batch of char cloth not to long ago. But instead of using a tin I used aluminum foil, it still made good char cloth. I actually did a video on it. If you want to see it, it's on my channel.

  8. Just for all you guys who don't know, the rod he used to start the fire produces sparks that are hot enough to start fires without char cloth. Char cloth makes it possible to catch sparks from much colder sources, like a flint and steel. It's very good to have and I highly encourage keeping it in a bug-out kit (I keep mine in an empty pill bottle).

  9. Cant wait for the AR7 video. Just bought one a month ago for the hell of it and havent shot it yet. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  10. i find denim is some of the best stuff you can use for char IMHO, a trick Les Stroud  showed a long long time ago in a forest far far away 

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