How to make Deadpool Costume – Deadpool’s Grenades

How to make Deadpool Costume – Deadpool’s Grenades

Hey Cosplayers, in today’s Apprenticeship
I’ll be teaching you how to make another piece of Deadpool’s Costume, Deadpool Grenades using
Polly Plastics Moldable plastic and PVC pipe! Like, Subscribe,
and stay tuned! Roll Intro Are you ready to make Deadpool’s Grenade?
I’ve created a template that makes this build super easy! Download yours
on my webstore today at the link in the description. Let’s get started! Begin by downloading and printing out your
template. Cut and mark your piece of PVC pipe according to the dimensions
on the template. Then wrap 1/2 Cup of Polly plastics around
the PVC pipe up the mark. Carefully shape it to look similar to a football
and then let it cool. Next,use a bit of softened plastic to cap
off the bottom, as you do this you can blow air into the other side of the
PVC pipe to keep the plastic from caving into the hole as it cools. Then, with your finger in the PVC gently heat
the surface of the plastic, only the surface not all the way through.
Press a grid into the plastic with 5 rows and columns about every half inch, refer to
exact measurements in your template. Once that has cooled, wrap 1tsp of softened
plastic around the PVC along the line you made. It should look like a little
turtle neck on the deadpool grenade when done. Jump right into adding another tsp of Polly
Plastics along the very top rim of the PVC, this time shaping out two
outcroppings across from one another. One of them you will press a hole into and
on the other side, shape it into a cube as you can see here. Next we will create the Lever, cut out and
trace the lever onto a flattened piece of plastic, to learn how to best
flatten the plastic, check out my flattening plastic videos. Cut the plastic out in the basic shape holding
off on cutting out the triangle pieces. Place it on a scrap piece of
fabric and heat up the plastic until it has adhered to the cloth. Smooth the plastic and
let cool before proceeding. Then cut away the fabric and cut out the triangle
pieces. Gently heat along the dotted lines until the
plastic becomes just hot enough that it will bend, carefully bend the
plastic along the dotted lines being careful to not let the plastic stick to itself. Smooth
it all off and lets move on. The lever will slide into the hole at the
top of the grenade and lay across the top of the cube and the PVC rim.
Drill a hole in the side of the lever that runs through the cube and out the other side. Next trace the pin from the template onto
your flattened plastic. Cut it out and heat it up.
Smooth out the head of the pin and make the neck of it more cylindrical and small enough
to fit in the hole you drilled in the grenade. Drill a hole in the pin head and trace the
ring template piece, cut out heat up and make cylindrical to where it will
fit through the pin head. cut it off at the size you want leaving some overlap, heat up
the ends and fuse the ring together. Give it a test fit in the grenade, and Voila
a grenade with a pin that pulls and a lever that flies off, Pretty legit! You did it! You now know how to make your
very own Deadpool Grenade, now all you gotta do it give this thing a sweet
paint job with some army green and paint on a deadpool face and you are ready to blow
minds at your next Comic Con, please don’t actually blow anything up with these
grenades though or your likely to get pinched. Thanks for watching!!! You guys Rock!! I need
your input in a vote, I have several more How to videos on Deadpool’s Costume
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deadpool’s costume grenades.

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  1. I made my grenades like 3 days agooooooo why are you posting it only noooowww ;—;;; LOL
    Hope you post the guns and holters video next!! I'll be waiting since i didnt finish mine yet XD

  2. I'm looking for a heat gun but all the ones I see around here operate in temperatures on the range of hundred of degrees celsius at its minimum. Isn't it an overkill? Or what temperature do you use for your plastic?

  3. I know most peoples tendency is voting for the guns and holsters, but no matter if thats first..what material would you make the pouches out of besides leather?

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