How to make doll outfit 2 round dress

How to make doll outfit 2 round dress

Hello, I always like the retro style, so today I’m going to show you how to make a classic round dress like the one Fuyumi is wearing. You might have to refer to my previous video on some of the steps. For fabric, I’m choose the sailor color scheme. Lace and trimming and as usual, elastic band Velcro for closure First, the hair band. Cut the fabric of 17cm X 3cm. Fold it in half and sew a tube. Turn it inside out and fold the 2 ends in. Cut a piece of elastic band of 10 cm. Sew the elastic band to the cloth. There, the hair band is done. For the top, cut a rectangle of 8cm x 12.5cm Fold it in half and sew up the 2 sides. Turn it inside out. Now if we put this cloth against the model, you can see it doesn’t have much shape, and the waist is very loose. So we fold the cloth, leave some overlapping for closure, and on the 2 sides, draw a line 0.5cm from to edge to the corner. Now sew the 2 lines. Cut the unwanted parts. Now it fits the waist a lot better. For the shirt, we need 2 layers of fabric, 24cm X 24 cm. Fold the 2 layers of clothes into triangles. Use 12cm as the radius, draw the line of the circle. Cut the unwanted parts. Now use 2.5cm as the radius, draw the line of the inner circle. Cut that as well. Now we have 2 layers in donut shape. Cut 1/4 to 1/3 of the donut away depending on how full you want the dress to be Sew the 2 layers together. Turn it inside out. It’s time to add trimmings and lace. Be creative. Before sewing the dress together, fold and sew 2cm on the skirt for the closure. Cut small gaps on the skirt. Cut a piece of elastic band same length as the top. We will stretch it on the skirt to create folds. Stretch and sew the elastic band on the skirt. Finally sew the top and shirt together. Add closure. With the closure done. Make sure to sew the rest of the skirt together. So the dress is completed. Add accessories as you want. Have fun sewing and that’s all for this tutorial.

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  1. @yuniedhc I respect that. Thanks so much for sharing your videos. Keep up the good work! Btw, what material do you think is best to work with for your dolls? Can satin be used?

  2. @Nielle23 You're welcomed. How about make the pics into slideshow video with websires like onetruemedia, etc?

  3. oh nvm figured it out ^_^' (btw getting the doll tomorrow but im making the dress right now cause im so excited xD)

  4. @Mytwinnag723 you probably have them off There is a button on the video itself name "CC" click it ,When it turns red that means you have them on.

  5. This is a very descriping video! I'm gonna sew this for my Amy .. as soon as I learn to sew on a machine, lol. XD

  6. You're making a dress just by 'eye-balling' the measurements, etc.?? You are amazingly talented!! Do you know how many people 'wish' they had your talent?!! Lots!! Anyway, designing and construction should be your chosen career because you are a natural!!! 😀

  7. Hi yunie,
    I made a dress following this tutorial,but it was purple.I made it into a ball gown.
    Can you make a ball gown for Aya?

  8. wow that was amazing, I love the dress, thank you so much for sharing, my niece and I do a doll show on our channel and I like changing their outfits every so often, but there is so much you can do with an elastic band and material…I have no sewing skills…but this definitely helps… thank you

  9. Monster High dolls have the same body type as Pullips, I think, so you could make the dresses the same way it is shown here :3

  10. I love all your videos! What or who was the music in this video? I love jazz and would like a CD of whatever music it was, thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us all!

  11. I subscribed even though I don't have Pullips (I am really fighting the urge to get a Pullips or a Blythe but I am always looking at videos about them and my resolve is weakening!) I have other 1/6 dolls and I like your videos particularly because you show all the little touches you do after making the basic outfit, to make it fit really nicely, rather than just making the clothing and throwing it on the doll, You take in little extra bits and generally style the outfit to look as good as it can. Thanks for this I will always like the videos I watch.

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