How to make doll outfit 5 Coat

How to make doll outfit 5 Coat

Hello, today I’m going to show you how to make a coat It’s elegant and great for holiday season Felt wool. Make sure you choose the soft ones that doesn’t leave a crease after folding Trimming and lace. We don’t have hem for this coat so trimming is a must I used about 1 yard of trimming and 1/2 yard of lace Ribbon or button if you like First, cut the felt wool from the pattern provided in the description Put the body pieces together We are going to sew up the shoulders first Sew from about 4mm from the edge Open the body piece, put the sleeve piece on it Use a pin to hold it in place Sew them together After you finish, you should have something like this Now cut piece of lace for decoration Sew the lace to the coat After the lace is done, sew the trimming to the cuff Fold the coat together Now we will sew the coat up Start from the bottom of the coat, sew your way up to the cuff Turn it inside out Carefully sew the trimming from the collar down all the way though the edges let’s have a quick fitting looks pretty good Line the collar piece with trimming sew the collar to the coat Now the coat is done This is optional but you can cut 2 pieces for the pockets Again, line the pockets with trimmings and add it to the coat I hand sew it on For closure you can use hooks and ribbon Or if you’re lazy it can go without There you go, a coat for your doll Have fun sewing and see you next time

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  1. @chefpoowie I hope you're referring to faux fur. There's thickness to consider, the result may not be the same.

  2. Since my granddaughters both have Pullip dolls, they requested that I make some clothing for them. I love this coat!! How beautiful it is. I have also made the Maxi dress and bubble skirts and they are fun and easy to sew. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us. Your videos are quick and easy to understand. Bless you!! Carol

  3. I can't sew to save my life, and these tutorials make sewing easy and fun! I can't wait to start sewing these clothes once I get my first Pullip! Thanks for all these helpful tutorials, Yunie!


  4. @yuniedhc i dont know how how i did but the needle went right threw my finger..quick as lightning so just becareful it can happen.

  5. I might get a sewing machine for Christmas, and the main reason i want it is so I can make all of your clothing tutorials!!! >.< I can't wait!!!

  6. hi. i just got a sewing machine and im… to put it nicely. "not the best" but i have no practice. i mean i just learned. but i was wondering if you could post a video of how to make a simple shirt. i dont have a pullip. but i think it would be helpfull and maybe i could change the sizing to fit my msd :3

  7. @emavj97 a simple shirt id actually not every simple to make. you can see human size pattern for an idea.

  8. @yuniedhc besides. if i practice practice practice. someday i will be good. im already getting WAYYYY better than i was when i got it.

  9. Thank you so much ! Love it ! So beautifull ! Love the hat too ! Can you please make a hat tutorial? Thank you in advance !

  10. I am unable to get your pattern at that web address. Is there another way to get it? You are amazing by the way.

  11. @2green4me why, the link works for me

  12. @sadialaghari456 I not in desperate need for money and I like having my Nina around. You go and look somewhere else.

  13. Yunie, your doll clothes are simply fabulous. I wish I was that talented.
    But I simply dont have the time or patience to sit down and sew..neither do I have the supplies T^T
    Ah well, back to my Pullip papercrafts :3

  14. for doll clothes, am i supposed to set my sewing machine a certain way, like super small stitches? usually my doll clothes look lovely but fall apart within a few days xD soo sad u.u and btw, that coat is soooo cute, i want one for myself xD haha

  15. That is a beautiful little coat you made! You made it look so easy too. I don't have those kinds of dolls, I was looking fro Barbie pattern tutorials, but this was lots of fun to watch and gave me a few ideas of things to make for Barbie.

  16. You know, I have a TON of fabric…. but I really want to buy lace, ribbon and beads… it's all in the details, that make up the whole ;D

  17. I made this for my Moxie Girlz doll, its quite nice I think haha, although its small for her -.- I realise I need to maketwo half ones bigger than the back one. I did mine eith a black felt and white trimmings 😀 gonna try to make one again. Thanks Yunie!

  18. yay, I made two coats, one for kaela and one for alice, and omg! I never knew I culd make such a professional looking coat!! they are so pretty and its all thanks to this tutorial! thanks yunie!

  19. @Signe Rainbowninja i was thinking the same! I printed it like thrice, with the other one on landscape but its still so small. Have to measure it myself now 🙁 which I don't really like because I always get it either too big or too small -.-

  20. do you have any tutorials with talking in them? I'm not the best at sewing and I dont know which parts to sew together first. thanks

  21. Do you have a video of how to cut out each of the pieces evenly? If not can you please do a vid on how to cut the individual pieces?

  22. ur channel is amazing i wish u have 1 million subs by the way i watch all of ur vids and like them and make things for my pulip dolls

  23. Beautiful.. I take it that's felt?…if so, I think I have everything I need….it won't turn out like yours but I have to start somewhere!
    If by any chance it does turn out well enough to be photographed… I will definitely tag and credit you…but I don't think we have anything to worry about somehow lol!

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