How to Make Fabric Folders- Envelope style (TRAILER VIDEO)

How to Make Fabric Folders- Envelope style (TRAILER VIDEO)

Hi! I want to thank you for purchasing my
Envelope Fabric Folder Video Workshop. In this video I’ll be walking you through step-by-step
how to complete your own, completely customizable fabric folders. They make great gifts for
males, females, adults, kids, anybody all ages. And in my house I use them to organize
and sort the recipes that I print off of the internet. By playing around with your different
fabric options you can end up with some really different looking fabric folders. For now
let’s start with the supplies and materials we’ll need and we’ll jump right into making
your first fabric folder. You’re going to need to print out the flap template which
is included in your PDF. Then you’re also going to need some Pellon Craft-Fuse. You’ll
need a piece of fabric and then we’re going to be using some bias seam binding. So, you
have two different options. You can purchase some that’s already packaged. It comes in
solid colors at your local fabric store. Or you can make your own… and I have a tutorial
on how I make my own using Simplicity’s Bias Tape Maker and I’ve included that link in
the PDF that accompanies this workshop as well. You’re going to need some embroidery
floss or perle cotton. You can also use maybe some ribbon if you found some really thin
ribbon or some trim. That’s basically going to be used for our closure. So, the Pellon
Craft Fuse comes in a little roll and it measures 15″ wide… so, what I do is……

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  1. wow! I once enjoyed her videos…. Now she's so commercial. Another everyday crafty mom lost. 🙁

  2. i enjoy watching your tutorials and appreciate the time you take to put them up for FREE. i am surprised at how some people respond to the idea that you dare try to make a little money with your skill. you have every right to choose to charge for classes. its such a give me give me world. i will continue to watch. thanks.

  3. Thanks for your post. I'm glad to see someone appreciate my efforts. I can only assume they must not have mouths to feed… but I clearly do.

  4. Very cool! I love the tutorials I've seen from you:) I hope I can try this soon. By the way, I love the fabric choices you have shown here:)

  5. I actually really like this. By seeing the end results and the materials, one can decide whether or not they should purchase the video workshop. I don't understand why there are so many dislikes. Anyway, I love your work, and it's great that you offer people the opportunity to replicate amazing projects. Keep it up. Please don't let others discourage you. <3

  6. the tutorials she actually sells are NOT expensive at all. and 100% of the time, the purchased tutorials are TOTALLY worth it.

  7. Thanks! I designed these after a plastic one I had busted at the seams. They are so much cuter in fun fabrics and last a lot longer. The pink & green fabrics are by Free Spirit/Westminster Fabrics, their Sugar Hill line by Tanya Whelan. :o)

  8. My comment was not meant to be nasty. I'm not that way & I have observed your talents long ago.However, I feel that youtube has a way of turning everyday crafty moms (people who love to craft without an agenda) into commercialized citizens. It's just my opinion. I have seen youtube channels go from fun to – directing viewers to go off of youtube to pay for something else. If that's not you, ok. I commented based on what I have observed.That's all, It's not personal.

  9. I craft in a variety of areas for a living as well. I didn't suggest it was expensive nor not worth it. People pay for education of all levels everyday. However, I have noticed the channel go from free to being directed some place else for a fee…. Her tutorials in the past are awesome – no doubt. They are still available and without a price. That is where her following (including myself) was developed. And since then that has changed. Is that not so?

  10. wow if you don't like unsubscribe seriously you guys are acting so immature and rude if you don't want to buy it thats fine but don't comment on here begining nasty let do what she wants if she wants her craft to be promotional for her family to have some money so be it theres nothing wrong with that God bless you and hope you do well you might need to block some hateful ppl i love the craft tho 🙂

  11. Neat, I can't pay for these kinds of things but I love the idea. I think I'll just find an old plastic folder and use that as a patten.

  12. I totally understand that you (just like us!) need to make money to live. You have a talent at tutorials and you deserve to have that talent recognized! Thank you.

  13. Don't listen to the naysayers, you already give so much for free, I'm glad to know you're making at least a little money out of your talent :). Well done, and keep going strong <3.

  14. Thanks. The decision comes from how long it takes me to draft an idea, create a pattern, prototypes, the PDF instructions and the video tutorial. My free videos take about almost a week to produce, shoot, and edit. My video workshops take at least a few weeks. :o)

  15. The channel has not gone from "free to being directed some place else for a fee" It's obvious I still post free tutorials on a weekly basis. Like the one I post on Monday… and I will continue to post free tutorials on Mondays. In addition to my free tutorials I also offer video workshops and online classes. These opportunities are simply an extra offer for those who may be interested.

  16. You're absolutely right that YouTube "has a way of turning everyday crafty moms (people who love to craft without an agenda) into commercialized citizens"— it's called allowing us to make a living doing what we love. I am very thankful that YouTube has given me the opportunity to stay at home and raise my children the way I want. And I totally support other YouTubers who are able to do the same with their talents.

  17. Thanks! If you do a search for Simplicity Bias Tape Maker you should find a tutorial I did on making a baby burp cloth with the machine. I give a full tutorial on how to use it and what it does. Hope that helps!

  18. I discovered your channel 2 years ago when I first came on to YT. I posted 2 videos and didn't return here until Feb. 2012. I returned to your channel and was quite impressed how your video collection and followers have grown. I operate an embroidery studio from home Mon.- Fri. And Sewing Classes to 18 students on the weekends. I'm at home too. At a meeting, I highly recommended your vids to my parents who returned with complaints on how you were redirecting them to another website…

  19. One parent was very upset. After checking your new vids out,I still referred them to your old ones. My parents were the ones that felt you were commercialized and even commented on your videos to where they saw the change. Still, I said change is good and what I saw was improvement.The bottom line was, I saw for myself that some of the new vids were directing viewers to another website where you didn't do that before. I realize we have strong opinions that differ, but I'm still entitled to mine.

  20. It is not that I am implying your vids are not worth it, nor should you be compensated for your expertise. However, people are people. If you start offering something free on one channel, perhaps it would have been a good idea to start another channel for a fee. If that was not possible then perhaps vids could have been made separately indicating a fee involved from the start. At the end of the day, my comment is not to offend you. I'm here with my google adsense acct. too. However….

  21. feedback is good. Even when you don't agree.

    No harm done. Not intended to offend you.

    Have a good day.

  22. Vanessa I LOVE your videos.. I LOVE your Craftsy class ( Which everyone should check out!).. Am I an FOR SURE purchasing this tutorial. I love your tutorials and you are a fabulous teacher. Good for you to make some money on them. you MORE than deserve it! Don't listen to the negativity girl 😉 Love ya tons!

    – Jessica Skibicki

  23. VANESSA! How brilliant you are, our shining star! It is because of you that I even DARE sit in front of a sewing machine! I have to say that I personally thank you for all of your tutorials and workshops whether free or reasonably priced! Being a full time working mom and wife, it's so easy just to have YOU create all the things I'd love to make! I look forward to ALL of your tutorials and workshops! Keep them coming! God bless you and yours! 😉 Jackie Hernandez-Petersen/Facebook

  24. @EmbroideryStylist I'm not going to let you be viewed as some sort of pariah here. Lol. I had the same reaction when this vid popped up. But I totally understand her parleying her hobby to make a little cash but it does feel weird that everything we do in this country is to make money. We don't do it just because. So, I don't feel vanessa is some kind of sell out it's, just, unfortunately, the way of the world now and it does, at first blush, kind of sully something lovely – if that makes s

  25. Edit: I am referring to the world in general not this channel when I say it sullies something lovely. I enjoy this channel I just thought the hate for that comment was not warranted. That is all. :-0)

  26. Hola, solo quería comentarte que me parece muy buena idea lo que has hecho en este video pero desde mi opinión pienso que sería mejor que ofrecieras estas ideas más sencillas de forma gratuita y que vendieras videos con tutoriales de cosas más complicadas o elaboradas. Porque este tipo de cosas tan facilitas se pueden encontrar en muchos más sitios! 🙂 es solo un consejo!!

  27. Hey, I just wanted to say I love your videos and i watch every single one and would miss them if u stopped so keep going because there are so many people who love your videos 🙂

  28. ALLLLLL I was saying (and u might not be directing it at me-sorry) was that my first thought was the same but I didn't find it unreasonable that she was selling things. I, again, just didn't think that the other poster should have gotten creamed for saying it. Just coming to the rescue of an, apparently, unpopular opinion. No harm. No foul. Love her work.

  29. Oh, and minjay44 was making MY point. I BELIEVE that the "American dream's" emphasis on money making being the end all and be all is sad. For ME, I have thoroughly enjoyed all these type of channels because , to me, they showed people finding joy in doing what they love. But, I'm done, I just hate it when people can't have their own opinions about things without being demonized. BTW, there was more than one down vote here so maybe she was not alone. I'm done here.

  30. I LOVE this channel, VANESSA ur my Favourite! Thanx 4 another fab vid, always givin, positive, creative, encouraging &inspiring. We appreciate the ideas, time, effort &energy U put in2 each project! May the Lord bless U &ur family abundently ameen xx

  31. Thanks so much. I appreciate your support… and no worries… I will continue posting tutes. :o)

  32. Love it!!!! I will my purchasing this and also the totebag! How long will these patterns be available?

  33. Thanks! They are available indefinitely. You can get them whenever and access them whenever you want. :o)

  34. Thanks Vanessa for take time and teach us, I definitely I`ll try it at the end of the month. Thanks again.


  35. Hola Vanessa, gracias por tus tutoriales, cada uno de ellos son maravillosos. Ya me suscribi a tu blog y espero le des un vistazo al mio el cual se llama PUNTO DE CRUZ pero tengo de todo un poco en el. Espero te guste. Besos y abrazos.

  36. The full video is only available by purchase on my online store. This video was just the trailer for the online video workshop.


  38. Thank you for your inspiring tutorials. I just purchased the pattern for this item but the access code is not working, therefore, I cannot view the video. What to do???

  39. Hi Pat. I replied to your email a few minutes ago. Be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears and it won't let you just copy and paste it in. Let me know if you still have issues.

  40. I am so impressed with your immediate reply! I would have thanked you soooner, but was watching the inauguration. I typed in the code and it worked. Thanks much!

  41. I just can't stop watching your videos! You have no I dea how much you have simplified sewing for me and others! Big warm hug from Northern Illinois!

  42. Caroline, my records show you purchased the pattern last Dec 2012 and have accessed it twice. I just reset your order so you'll have 3 more downloads. Also, remember that all the info to access the password protected video workshop is included on the first page of the file you received. The template is the last page of the document.

  43. Just ordered this fabric folder tutorial. I have been very impressed and appreciative of all the tutorial videos that you have provided. Looking forward to making my first fabric folder…thank you very much!

  44. i am very thankful that i've found a sites that is perfectly ineresting and very educational,it is really a great help for me.i hope i can meet in you in perso.GODBLESS and more power vanessa.

  45. I went to buy the video but no PayPal option sigh
    I want to make quilted ones for my kindles to hang on the wall by my bed

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